Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Las Vegas Strip

We had a quiet day here in Las Vegas and only took a ride down the strip to see what had changed.  They have added the tallest ferris wheel in the world at 550 ft high and some new buildings.  Nothing stays the same on the strip with 20 year old hotels demolished to make room for newer and larger places.  They are working on a complex that will cost $4 billion to build.  Must be a lot of profit in gambling to support all these structures.

I took some pictures as we drove down the strip but couldn't stop to get the best photos.  

It wasn't all play today since there was a week or so of laundry that had to be taken care of.  We couldn't use the washer & dryer at Buckskin Mtn SP due to the low voltage.  So, Gerry tackled the mess that had accumulated and only has one more load to go to be current.

The RV park has free wifi and it's fairly fast so we watched a few tv programs that we missed while we were out of reception range last week.  The first one we watched was The Amazing Race and we were disappointed the see the Cowboys came in last this week.  They seem to get lost at the wrong time and this time it cost them.  We have a few more to catch up on and we will be current.  See Henry, we don't need a DVR when we can watch the programs on the computer.  

The weather remains cool and very comfortable.  We were expecting 100+ heat but it's been in the 70s.  No need for an a/c at all.  I bet the people out here are loving it with the beautiful weather.

Gerry checked a number of shows that would be of interest to us and over half of them aren't in town now.  That still leaves 4-5 shows that we will check out further and see if we can get some 1/2 price tickets at Tix4Tonight down on the strip.  

That was our day, how was yours?


  1. Hey, Ron's brother and sister-in-law are on their way out to vegas. If you see them, say "hi". LOL

  2. Hey - I want more info about the Tix4Tonight. Where can I find it and how does it work? Thanks. Nice here but definitely headed up in the heat department. So I figure yours will be about the same.

    1. The website for tix4tonight is: They explain everything very well there. You do have to go to one of the ticket locations around 10AM the morning you want to buy tickets. We look up what we want to see and then make a list of candidates for the day since your first choice many not have 1/2 price tickets. Some shows are sold out months in advance, so they never appear on 1/2 price tickets.

      We've seen a number of shows at 1/2 price and love the service. You do have to check each show schedule you are interested in since they don't run every night. We wanted to see TIm Allen, Celine Deon, Shania Twain and a few others, but they didn't have shows during the timeframe we will be here.

      Parking at these ticket outlets can be a problem so I drop Gerry off and she gets in line and buys the tickets. I try and find a place to hide the car while I wait for her phone call. Works for us. We haven't tried all the outlets, so some may have parking available.

  3. Of course, Doug can't remember.....but when we were there last time....if you go down an alley/street near the .tix4tonight where we went with you before there was a big parking lot not far.
    If you like Steak n Shake, there is one in South Point Hotel and Casino way way south on the strip. We about gave up on finding the casino and it finally appeared. Better than Terrible's Buffet. yuk I don't think Terribles exists, yet?....maybe.