Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Long day in Las Vegas

This sure was a long day for us here in Las Vegas today with a 7:30am wake up time.  We developed a leak in the motorhome on Monday and when I went outside to check it I noticed a mobile RV repairman was working on the RV next to us.  I asked him if he could check the leak when he got a chance and he came right over.  He couldn't repair it on Monday so said he would be back at 8:00am on Tuesday to do the job.

Sure enough, he arrived right at 8:00am and started working on the problem.  It was a bear to fix since it was behind the bathroom sink next to the shower.  The hot water line came to a T behind the sink and both outlet sections were leaking with a steady flow.  So, 4 3/4 hours later he declared the job finished.  There is no way in the world that I could have crawled around on the floor and reached way back into the sink area to make the repair.  So, big bucks later the job was finished and now we don't have the leak.  Enough said about that painful experience.

We decided to wait for the wind to die down from 40mph gusts and stay a couple days longer in Vegas.  It was another trip out to the M Casino for dinner this time, which was basically the same food as lunch, except more costly.  They do provide wine and beer with the meal so we made up for the extra charge by having a few adult beverages.

Gerry and I played the slots after dinner and she won $25 while I lost $20.  At least we came out $5 ahead for the time spent on the slots.  Gerry was playing 20 cents a turn and won for a while and then started a slow process of losing most of what she had won plus a little more.  I convinced her to play a dollar at a time and she hit on the 2nd time and won $32.  That was it for the slots.

The Bellagio Hotel & Casino was the next stop for the night and we snared a parking space right next to the casino entrance.  Our mission was to look at the Conservatory decorations.  They do a fantastic job on the decorations and use tons of flowers.  Rather than describe them, I am enclosing a number of pictures.  It was difficult to get good pictures since about 7 busloads of Japanese tourists were in the Conservatory while we were there. 

Mr Froggy

Tree house with fish aquarium inside

Mr snail tooling along

Another view of tree house

Flowers and kites for spring

Notice the garden shovel on the left of photo

Gerry -  I had to wait for the crowd to thin out to get a clear shot.

 We took a last drive down the Las Vegas strip for this visit and it was slow going;  bumper to bumper for blocks and lots of gawkers slowing down traffic.

Eiffel Tower

 Our next destination was Fremont St in the old downtown area.  They have worked to make this a nice destination and while it does look better, the crowds there seemed to be drunker, rowdier and a lot younger.  We walked up and down the area and visited a few casinos, listened to the band playing, watched the light show and decided to call it a night.  It was pushing 11:30pm by then and we were worn out.

BTW:  They still slots on Fremont St that take quarters and seem to pay out a little better.

Fremont St West view

Fremont St East view

While we know Las Vegas isn't for everyone, we always have a great time here and look forward to our next trip.  We've been here 16 days and could stay longer but we have reservations in Camp Verde starting Thursday.  Memorial Day weekend is coming up and it's always a good idea to have a place to park ahead of time since so many people will be camping out.

That was our day and it's now 1:00am on Wednesday morning and I have to be up by 8:00am to get ready for the drive out of here.  Goodnight all.


  1. Beautiful pictures . safe travels to you both.

  2. Sorry we couldn't meet up. But it's sure been fun seeing all the places you went and giving me some ideas. I do want to check out that buffet for lunch at the M. Wherever that is. When we get to the Bellagio I'm headed for the big chocolate fountain.