Saturday, May 10, 2014

It's Windy, Windy & Happy Mother's Day

We had a very nice day until around 5pm when the winds started picking up speed.  When we went grocery shopping this afternoon it wasn't too bad, but within an hour or so the dust started appearing over the city.  It was very noticeable by the time we got back to the MH after 6pm and visibility was really dropping quickly.

It's 10:30pm now and the wind gusts are very strong.  It is buffeting the motorhome around like a cork bobbing in a pond at times.  They are calling for wind gusts around 50mph tonight and I think they are about in that range now.  We are sheltered a little by other RVs and I'm glad we aren't completely out in the open!

It doesn't look like we will be getting a sound sleep tonight if this keeps up.  We've had winds like this in Tucson and they aren't fun to ride out, but we will be fine.  If I could include a picture of the winds I would do so.  This is the best I can do under the circumstances.

More to follow in the morning, I hope!

Gerry edits my blog so it doesn't look like chicken scratching and I had to wait for her to finish her job before the following entry.


TO:  Gerry, Barbara, Cassie and Jane; the mothers closet to me.  I hope it is a great day for all of you and your husbands spoil you like I intend to spoil Gerry.

Happy Mother's Day to all the other mothers out there.  Where would us men be without you?  No, don't tell me.

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  1. I agree on the Mother's Day comments! Last year Taylor & Sean cooked for our group and this year Stephanie & her Shawn are cooking! I think they have a big old crowd coming so it should be a fun afternoon! BTW last night we went to Blake & Sarah's wedding at a winery out by Lake times but we didn't get to bed until midnight so I am tired this morning!. You would think that 8 hours of sleep is 8 hours of sleep but it doesn't feel like it. Gerry I hope you have a great Mother's Day and Larry truly does do everything for you today!!