Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Almost a disaster today

First off, it is cold in Las Vegas with temps in the low 70s and cooler at night.  The last time we were here in May it was 105+ every day during our visit.  Not so this year.  What a crazy weather pattern there is out here.

Gerry and I are by nature very careful people but we slipped up today, however it worked out for us.  We actually walked out of the motorhome and left our cellphones behind.  Neither of us realized it until we were a few miles down the road.  Thankfully, no disaster happened and we made it back to the safety of the phones a few hours later.  Whew, that was close.

We made good use of the time we were gone by heading for the Sunset Station casino.  The goal was to have a late lunch at the buffet and then gamble for a while.  We also left our casino cards behind and they wanted to charge us $3.00 more for each lunch.  Gerry ran over and got a new card and we still had time to get the lunch menu.  Lucky day for us in that regard.

That was when it went downhill for us.  On a scale of 1 to 5, I would rate my meal a 2+.  Gerry said hers was a little better than that, but only a 3.  She picked out different food so that accounts for the difference.

A skinny man in his early 40s sat at a table near us and had his plate heaping almost 5 inches high with food and also had two other big bowls of food.  At first I thought there were two people at the table, but no, it was just one.  He started making strange noises and a lady asked him if he was all right.  That set him off and he started in on her in a loud manner.  He rambled on for a long time and then shut up.  A few minutes later he went over to her table and started in on her again.  I thought there was going to be some violence and notified a manager who was walking by.  The man finally sat down and continued talking to himself.  To say he was a little spooky is an understatement.  You never know what or whom you will run into these days.

We finished our meals and proceeded to play the slot machines.  I managed to lose $6 and Gerry played her $20 for a long time.  I grew bored and played a progressive slot machine and won $65 on three pulls on the lever.  That was enough for me, I quit.  Once Gerry went through her money we headed for home via Costco.  I left my winnings at Costco.  Gas was $3.599/gallon there.

We survived the almost disaster of not having our cell phones, but it was an uneasy day for us.  After all that, we didn't receive any calls at all.  Typical!

So, tell me, was your day that exciting?



  1. I can remember sitting at your house in Silver Spring listening to you explain why cell phones were such a waste of money and now look at you guys...2 cell phones, a GPS (when you used to say how much you enjoyed mapping your route), your 3rd motor home and spending your kids inheritance in Vegas! I am very proud of the adults that you have grown up to be...who knows soon you might even get a DVR so you don't have to rush back on Sunday nights! Enjoy Vegas it is a fun place to be and don't forget to visit Freemont St to see the "sights" at night!


  2. WTG Henry. I think smart phones are in their future. Glad your day turned out ok and you're safe. We're just getting 60 s. Been a cold spring.

  3. Amazing how we become so attached to these stupid phones of ours. I definitely second the Fremont experience.

  4. That fellow sounds too creepy for me... I'd probably been movin' on..... Glad you came away winners... quit while ahead... way to go! We just got back to Ohio yesterday... gasoline here (regular) is $3.749 a gallon! Don't know why it's so expensive here.