Saturday, May 17, 2014

Redbox Movie TIme

Redbox was kind enough to send me offers via email the last couple days offering me a 2 for 1 rental and then another rental for $1.00 off.  It was too good to pass up so we located a Redbox nearby and went down and rented:

Odd Thomas

We had read the Odd Thomas book by Dean Koontz and enjoyed it and wondered how they could make a movie of it.  We were pleasantly surprised how they presented the creatures and the movie followed the book closely.  It was an interesting movie to watch but may not suit everyone's taste.

Gravity was next on the list and Gerry has been wanting to see the movie since it came out.  For one reason or the other we never got a chance to see it in the theaters and finally found a Redbox that had it in stock.  We were both underwhelmed by the movie even though we both like Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.  (Not his politics, but do like his acting.)  I wish I could say something good about the movie other than the special effects, but that isn't possible.  I would imagine everyone has seen the movie, so our likes won't enter into any lost sales.

Elysium will be watched on Sunday and we are looking forward to seeing it.  I hope it doesn't disappoint us like Gravity did.

So, for $1.52 we rented three recent movies and are 1 for 2 so far.  Not bad.  And, in the true movie tradition, we even had popcorn to eat while we watched them.

It was very hot here today with temps around 103 degrees and that was a factor in us hanging around the motorhome.  Not very exciting, but there are days that.

One exciting thing we saw was the running of the Preakness with California Chrome winning the 2nd leg of the Triple Crown.  We both hope the horse wins at the Belmont and completes the triple crown.  I remembered the race was on and turned the TV on 1 minute before the race began.  They only had 3-4 horses to get in the gate when we started watching it.  Close shave.

It was an enjoyable day for us and started out great with a call from our grandson Grant.  He had some exciting news to tell us and we will wait to divulge it until all aunts and grandparents have been notified.  He was excited and wanted to let us know, so called early in the morning.  

That was it for us today here in Las Vegas.  Hope you had a great day also.

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