Friday, May 9, 2014

Lunch at M

We made it to one of our favorite buffets in Las Vegas today.  Friends Sharon & Bill R joined us there around 1pm and we sat and talked for hours.  Bill & I met many years ago at USAID.  We've known each other for 44 years and have worked on projects together a couple times.  He joined the Foreign Service a while after I did.  He retired from USAID and wound up in Las Vegas around 2000 and bought a beautiful house on a golf course.   They love the summers out here and she looks forward to the hot weather.

We always enjoy seeing them and chatting up a storm.  

The buffet at the M was great and we all enjoyed our meal.  They even include beer and wine with the meal and a huge assortment of desserts.  I managed to stuff myself pretty good and could only take on a few desserts, but one of them was Flan, which I love.

After the long lunch we went out into the casino and donated some funds to the local establishment.  I wound up breaking even and Gerry was down a few dollars but we had a great time playing the slots.  Bill & Sharon played the slots next to us until they exhausted their limits and then they went home to pack for a trip to Hawaii on Friday morning.  Have a great trip guys and we will see you next time we are in Las Vegas.

The M casino and hotel has a beautiful lobby and there is a wall of callalillies separating two sections of the lobby.  We managed to get a nice picture of them, included here.

The M has a number of super restaurants and bars on the Casino floor.  We haven't tried any of them yet since we love the buffet.  Maybe one of these times we will check them out also.  Maybe!

My first cousin Dodie & husband Ray visited my old home town yesterday and called my brother Dick to see if they could meet up.  They haven't met before and she didn't know what Dick looked like so it was like a blind date.  Here is how the meeting went in Dodie's words.  Keep in mind, they didn't know what each other looked like.

Dodie writes:   "The story of our visit to Dick...very funny...when we got to Gillespie I called him on his cell phone and he said he'd meet us in front of the Miners Restaurant in just a few minutes, he was in Odell (Benld) working on a truck.  So after a few minutes this car pulls up right next to ours.  I stick my hand out to shake his & say "are you Dick?", he says yes, so I introduce ourselves and say "lets go in and get some lunch", so when we go in (the car was from Missouri and 2 women were with him - & since I know nothing about him, I figured they were visiting, but he was driving), so we go in the restaurant and again I say to him, Dick, I'm your cousin Dodie and this is my husband Ray...with that the lady says to him, Dick, you don't have any cousins...with that I proceed to ask him his cell phone number and his last name....totally wrong....everything!!! soon Dick and his daughter arrive in his truck...and we had a wonderful afternoon eating and visiting and having a grand tour of the that will be a story to be re-told!!"

It was a very long day for us and I almost didn't write a blog tonight.   

That was our day, how was yours?

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