Saturday, May 17, 2014

Day of rest & 103 degrees

Gerry and I can go full blast for a couple days and then it is time to take a day off.  Today was an off day for us.  We worked a little around the motorhome and then drove the 2 miles to Costco to pick up some needed items.  As usual, we wound up spending more than we thought we would.  That seems to be the case in Las Vegas, spending more than planned.

We did meet Bob & Ihsan yesterday for lunch at the M buffet.  At $15.99 for the lunch buffet it is a bargain here in Las Vegas.  They have a very good selection of food and it is for the most part very tasty.  We also like that they include beer and wine in the price.  We've paid $7.50 for a beer in other places, so when you factor that in, it's a bargain.

Gerry managed to escape me and hide in the slot machines and continued in her quest to win a fortune.  Once again, the fortune eluded her, but she had a great time trying to win it.  I play to win while she plays for the fun of it.  She wound up playing in her first slot tournament, but missed the cutoff for prizes.

Ihsan also ran off and played the slots, so Bob and I sat at a couple machines and talked non stop for 2 1/2 hours rehashing things from working together over all the years from the 70s and 80s.  We kept jogging each other's memories of coworkers from the past.  I think I am going to have to write down their names so I don't forget them again.

I was talking to a neighbor at the RV park and he mentioned this section of town is always warmer than other parts.  Just my luck.  He had set up a fan outside of his unit and had it running, pushing the 100+ degree heat toward him.  We had a water outage this morning and I didn't realize he had a mister on the fan until I noticed later than it was wet in front of his fan.  That was my clue that we had water again.

Well, if you have read this far and expected something interesting or exciting, then I am afraid you are disappointed.  Saturday will be a more interesting day since we are planning on visiting some of the high end casinos and their shops.  It is nice to see $10,000 watches in cases even if we can't buy one.  That is as close to something that costly that we will encounter.

I couldn't publish the blog without including at least one picture.  The Luxor Hotel/Casino is shaped like a pyramid and they have this very powerful light shining straight up into the sky.  It is visible all over Las Vegas and it is visible from space.  That is one powerful flashlight.

Luxor Hotel/Casino

This is what it looks like during daylight hours.

Luxor Hotel/casino

That was our day here in the heat of Las Vegas, how was yours? 

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