Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The High Roller - Las Vegas

We have been planning on riding the High Roller for a couple days, but the wind was fairly strong and we put it off.  Later we found out that they close the High Roller when winds are in the 35mph range.

What, you ask is the High Roller.  It is a 550 ft high ferris wheel with 28 cars that can hold up to 40 people.  I don't think it would be much fun if there were 40 people on board since it would be very crowded.

The ride is in operation from 12 noon until 2 AM and the cost is $24.95 during the day and $34.95 at night.  You only go around one revolution and it takes around 30 minutes.  The wheel doesn't stop for loading or unloading and you have to be quick on your feet to enter the pods.  The night ride seems to be the most popular since you can see all the lights on the strip and all over the Las Vegas area.  We took the daytime trip so we could get some photos.

Spiderwork on the cables holding it together

Tires for the cars

Taken from a long block away

Entrance/exit area

Trailing pod

Proof that I rode the ferris wheel.

Highest point.  Note the cars on the ground.

Our car is at he bottom of the wheel

Docking area

Blue lights at night.

A few minutes later they changed to white lights.
 When we were almost finished with the ride it reminded us of the cable car ride we took in Rio de Janerio many years ago.  The wheel moves so slowly that you can't feel the motion.  In order to see the changes you have to focus on a building or an object.  Since it was all enclosed, it wasn't the same as an outdoor ferris wheel.  It wasn't nearly as exciting since the pods don't rock like a ferris wheel seat does.  That is a good thing in my eyes.

We enjoyed the ride and next time we will try the night ride to see all the lights in town and around the city.  

The area around the High Roller has a number of shops and restaurants.  One common thread running through the area is that you will need to bring lots of cash or credit cards if you want to spend any time in the area called LINQ. 

Website for the High Roller.  High Roller website

We did some other things today and I will write about that later.  It is after midnight and I am tired.  That was our day, how was yours?


  1. Wow - I can't believe you guys rode it. Such incredible pictures. There is no way I am getting on it. I was glad to hear that the cars don't rock. I can get sick just looking at a ferris wheel going around. The thought of sitting at the top of the wheel and the seat swinging makes my stomach turn over. Now Jim - a whole different story. He'd be on it in a heartbeat. That being said - after seeing your pictures it sure would be awesome. We'll discuss it when we get to Las Vegas next week.

    1. Go ahead, take the ride. You are only young once. Remember, George Bush skydived for his mid 80s birthday.

      Looks like we will miss you in Las Vegas since we are leaving on Monday and heading for Williams, AZ for a few days. Maybe we can meet up next Fall or Winter in Tucson or Phoenix.