Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fort Clinch, Fernandina Beach, FL - 2004

While we were in the Keys our good friends Mann & Carolyn and Gloria & Doug joined us at the campground.  Gloria & Doug drove down from Melbourne Beach and loved it down there.  More to follow on the Keys trip in 2004.

Mann, Carolyn, Gloria & Doug

Our daughter Barbara and family joined us in the Florida Keys for many years, but in 2004 it didn't work out for the g'kids and Henry to join her.  Barbara did not want to miss her Florida fix.  She hopped in her car and drove from Concord, NC to spend the time at Fort Clinch with us for a week.

One of our favorite restaurants was called "Down Under" and it was right on the inter-coastal waterway and down under a bridge.  They had great seafood dinners and cold beer, so it answered all the basic food needs.  Unfortunately, the restaurant closed down after a few years and never reopened while we were there.

Barbara & Gerry

Down Under restaurant taken from the bridge.
 Barbara and Gerry at the entrance to Fort Clinch State Park.  The campgrounds were on the ocean and also on the river.  We preferred the ocean site since they weren't in the trees and there were fewer bugs there.  We could also watch the nuclear submarines coming and going from the nearby sub base at Kingsland, GA.
Barbara & Gerry

Ocean side campground with electric and water site, plus a bathhouse.  It was a short walk on the boardwalk over the dunes to the beach.  It wasn't that nice of a beach and had some dropoffs and wasn't considered safe for swimming.

Fort Clinch is one of the most well-preserved 19th century forts in the country. Although no battles were fought here, it was garrisoned during both the Civil and Spanish-American wars. During the 1930s, the Civilian Conservation Corps began preserving and rebuilding many of the structures of the abandoned fort. Daily tours with period reenactors depicting garrison life bring the fort to life for visitors.

Enlisted men's quarters.

Officer's quarters

Quartermaster storage room

Food storage room

Coastal guns

Outer wall on the beach
We made it a point to stop at Ft Clinch on our trip back north for a number of years.  It was a good stopover after leaving the Keys and there was a lot to see and do in the area.  We made sure we filled up on shrimp and grouper while we were in the area.

Barbara is getting her Florida fix now.  She and Henry are in Melbourne Beach, FL and are staying in a hotel right on the ocean.  Henry has to work during the days, but can relax with Barbara in the evenings.  I hope they have great weather and enjoy the area.  Barbara, make sure you order a grouper sandwich and think of me out here eating codfish or pollock (only fish available).  Keep those phone lines clear and open.

This was a work around the motorhome day with laundry, storing articles and such.  It also was one of the most painful and frustrating days I've had in a long time.  I started entering tax data into Turbo Tax a while back and finally got around to finalizing our federal tax return.  We get money back, but that doesn't help alleviate the pain of dealing with the forms.  The US really needs to update and revise the federal tax system; it is pathetic.  Thank God for Turbo Tax.

That was our exciting day here in the desert, how was yours?


  1. Hate it when a favorite restaurant goes out of business. That's happened to us several times. I also got our return filed yesterday. I'm just grateful that I can do it on line - I use Tax Act - cause it takes care of my inability to add anymore.

  2. I am in Melbourne Beach and don't know of ANY hotels here? A couple old motels....... If today, they are having great weather.

  3. Beautiful weather here! Just got out of the sun & ordered a Grouper Sandwich!! Seems I ended up with a bit of sun according to a fellow
    Traveller! Gloria, we're staying at the DoubleTree. Thinking about you Dad! My first bite will be in your honor!

  4. Guess tourists might not know where Indiatlantic is located. Weird they use Melbourne Beach for the address. We are about 5 miles south at 101 Moonlight, Melbourne Beach if you have any driving around time. 4174963029