Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bluewater Casino & Geocaching

Geocaching takes on a new meaning out in this part of the country.  It is typical for geocaches to be spread out and sometimes a small series of them will be in a row.  Since the desert roads out here stretch for miles, people lay out geocaching series of anywhere from 200-2000 caches in a row.  They have to be at least 300 ft apart, the series can go on for miles.  One such cache west of Parker, AZ on US 62 in California has 1,000 caches hidden along side of the road over 135 miles.  It usually takes dedicated cachers two long days to complete the course and people come from all over the world to finish it.

Now before you think I have lost my mind, I only downloaded 80 caches and today we drove out to the beginning of the caches to see what was ahead of us.  Miles and miles of the Mojave desert is what is there.  The series is called Heart of the Mojave and each cache is labelled HMD-0001 through HMD-1000.  We only logged 6 found caches today from this series, but will go out again and find the remaining 74 that I have downloaded.  

It was very windy out there and Gerry's time spent fixing her hair went for naught.  It didn't take long for her hairdo to become a mess.  Now in my case, it wasn't a problem for obvious reasons.  No hair!

We turned around and headed back to Arizona.  There was an advertisement for a RV park and we decided to take a look at what they offered.  It was an OK park, but nothing special and since it was so far out in the boondocks, we crossed it off our list.  We did see some interesting sights along the way though.

I think this is a Volkswagen Thing for sale along side of the road.

Much of the land out here along the Colorado River is part of the Indian Tribes.

There is an old railroad bridge spanning the Colorado River west of Parker and it is neat to see such an old structure still standing.

Just west of the bridge is the town of Earp, California which consists of a Post Office, marine repair business and a convenience market.  Wyatt Earp used to have a number of mine claims just west of the town and searched for gold there until his death in 1929.  He must have been a tough cookie to survive in the Mojave Desert.

 The post office is more than 220 miles from the county seat in San Bernardino, California is further than any other in the county. The entire region on the California side falls under area code 760.

Next stop on our trip was the Bluewater Resort & Casino to see if we could donate some dollars to the Indians.  We were very successful in that venture much to our dismay.  I actually won money but soon grew bored of playing the slots and turned the money over to Gerry so she could play longer.  She is the gambler in the family and unless I am winning big money, I lose interest after an hour or so.  She can play all day and love it.  Finally she lost enough and said it was time to leave.

We had dinner in their restaurant buffett style and I have to say it wasn't a memorable meal for me.  The food was cold, mostly Mexican dishes and not that good.  Gerry had better luck in her choices and said it wasn't that bad.  

After that we came back to the motorhome and watched NCIS and Person of Interest on the computer.  There isn't TV reception out here and we don't have Dish or Directv so it was either watch a movie on DVD or use our bandwidth on the computer to watch tv programs a day late.  The MIFI was able to keep up with the streaming programs and we managed to watch both programs.  I guess we will be watching the Sunday night CBS programming the same way since we will be here until Monday morning.

Gerry hasn't had a chance to edit this night's blog, so please forgive me for poor grammar or sentence construction.

That was our day out here in the wind and heat, how was yours? 

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