Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hotrods and Eggs

Happy Easter

 Saturday happenings.

Ron K stopped by early this morning and took Grant to the local radio control airplane airfield down the road from us.  They have been flying a large helicopter lately and Ron was impressed by how well they could maneuver it.  Since the winds were up today, there was only one person out there flying and left about the time Grant and Ron showed up.  Maybe Sunday afternoon they will fly.  

We've been trying to take Grant to the local Hotrods Cafe down the road and finally found time to go there today after shopping for our Easter dinner.  The local Fry's was out of ham and we wound up buying it at Safeway.  Whoever heard of a supermarket running out of ham on Easter weekend?  We finally made it to Hotrods after rounding up the ham.

Hotrods is a combination restaurant, bar and restoration shop for cars, trucks and motorcycles.  The food is decent, but most people go there for the atmosphere.

Grant was impressed with the place and really enjoyed his white pizza and the chocolate milkshake.  I am afraid he will have to go on a diet once he gets home.  This is sort of a payback to Larry Jr. for what we went through when he was a child.  Just joking, he was a good kid.

The table overlooked the work area, but they have wires in the glass to make it stronger.  That works, but doesn't make for a great photo op.  I did take a few photos of vehicles in various stages of restoration.

Old 1920s truck.

Not sure what this is.

Looks like an old Austin Healy
Later on in the afternoon it began to cloud up and looked like we were going to have a thunderstorm.  The clouds were black and there was rain to the south.  No such luck for us.  The rain passed sby and we didn't even get a sprinkle.

We were all worn out by this time and didn't do much until after dinner when Grant & Gerry dyed some Easter eggs.  Grant is worried that the Easter bunny won't find him, but I give the bunny more credit than that.

Now we just have to wait for the bunny to hide the eggs in the motorhome.  I hope he doesn't leave any outside for the creepy crawlers, coyotes or javelinas to find and eat.


  1. Have a joyous Easter. He is Risen. You guys are really going to miss having Grant around. You will need a couple of weeks just to recover.

    1. More like a month to recover. LOL Have a Happy Easter.

  2. Replies
    1. You guys left too soon, the weather is great. Have a Happy Easter.