Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Trip to Skyharbor Airport

It hardly seems possible, but today was departure date for Grant on his return trip to Charlotte, NC.  He was here for 2 weeks and a day, but it seemed like it was only a couple days.  We managed to hit most of the highlights around Tucson that an almost 13 year old boy would be interested in.  We didn't make it to the Biosphere II, Desert Museum and Old Tucson Studios, but saw most of the rest of the sights.

When Grant sets his mind on something he really focuses on the task at hand.  Yesterday he packed his bags, picked up all his stuff that was all over the motorhome and was ready to go.  He even went to bed early last night so we could get an early start on the 135 mile drive to Phoenix.  Wow, I wish I was that organized and focused.

We made it there 3 hours early and Grant wanted to get into the departure gate early so he wouldn't miss his flight.  Gerry started in with him, but Grant had a couple items in his carry on bag that the TSA inspector said couldn't be there.  He could put the articles in his checked baggage, but he didn't have any.  Gerry picked up the items and they wouldn't allow her to go with him to the departure area since she had the items.  Catch 22.

We left him and stopped at a local restaurant for a late lunch and waited for his flight to leave.  Then we began the long trek back to Tucson and battled high winds all the way back here.  Thank God the dust didn't kick up to cover the highway or we would have been in trouble.

Grant had a 50 minute turnover time at Chicago Midway Airport and had to run from terminal A to C to make his connection.  We were a little concerned when he left Phoenix about 20 minutes late, however, they made up most of the time on the way to Chicago.  Grant called us from Charlotte when arrived and we were relieved.  He is a confident young 12 year old and didn't understand our concerns.  Oh, to be that young and that sure of oneself.

Monday, Ron K and I worked on a 10 minute electric problem on the car and that took about 1.5 hours to correct the problem.  The main issue was crossed wires on the wiring harness between the car and the motorhome.  Once they were put in the correct holes, then everything worked fine.  Thanks Ron.  

Now we are trying to catch up on our sleep and rest before we head to Buckskin Mountain State Park for a week or so and then on to Las Vegas where the temperature will dictate how long we stay there.  We need to be back in the Tucson area around June 10, so we will spend some time at a slightly higher altitude where it should be cooler.  Sedona & Flagstaff are in the running now for a couple weeks each.



  1. Glad you enjoyed your grandson's visit. Sometimes seeing things thru young ones eyes puts a whole new perspective on things. We'll take some of that warm weather, please. Had a freeze warning last night. We had already been to the greenhouse and bought several flowers and tomatoes and pepper plants. My dining room floor looks like a greenhouse. Safe travels.

  2. You should really be proud of that grandson of yours. Now you will need two weeks to catch up. I have found that every ten minute job takes at least an hour and a half to finish. So when Jim tells me it should take a couple of hours I just plan on all day. Don't blame you for wanting to get out of the valley. See where it's going to be almost a hundred again next week. Three more weeks for us. Yes!!