Thursday, April 24, 2014

Quiet day at CCRV & Buckskin Mountain State Park

It sure is lonely around here without Grant coming and going into the motorhome 15 times a day.  He would ride the bike for a while, visit some people and return to see what we were doing.  Since he left yesterday, it sure is quiet around here.

We decided this would be a do nothing day to recharge our batteries and take it easy.  As they say, we didn't do anything all day and still didn't finish the task of doing nothing.  It will be back to work on Thursday getting the motorhome ready for some traveling.

Monday is our departure day from Cactus Country RV Resort and our first camping stop will be at Buckskin Mountain State Park on the Colorado river near the Parker Dam.  We've been there before and knew it would be impossible to get a site on the weekend, but during the week there are many sites open.  It is about a 300 mile drive to the park and we will avoid Phoenix by taking the Gila Bend cutoff to I-10.  I hope we have better luck with the weather than the last time we were there in May 2009 when it was in the 100s everyday.

It will be good to be back in that area and enjoy the sights along the river and in the mountains east of the park.  I'm sure we will have time to visit the Desert Bar at Nellie E's and have a cold brew to cool us down.

More to come on Buckskin Mt SP.  I hope you all had a nice day just like we did.



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