Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hitch Itch is contagious & dinners

We've made plans to leave CCRV on Monday morning if the weather cooperates.  If it doesn't, we will wait until the winds die down and it is safe to drive.  We don't have a fixed schedule or route we are taking, so one more day delay isn't a problem.  We are eager to hit the road after sitting here for the past 5+ months.  

As mentioned in a previous posting, our first stop will be at Buckskin Mountain State Park over on the Colorado River in western Arizona.  We can get into the park during the week, but weekends are booked solid for the foreseeable future. 

Gerry and I joined Ron K at Montgomery's Bar & Grill on Friday night.  We all like the place and this would be our last chance to have dinner with Ron.  The place was full and there was a wait for a table, but they did have a couple spots at the high tables around the bar so we grabbed one.  The table space was a little tight for three people eating dinner, but it worked out.  It was very noisy in the bar, but since the table was small we could at least talk to each other.  As usual, our meals were great and the beer cold.

After dinner Ron K asked if we were going to stop at the DQ.  He loves the place almost as much as Gerry so we stopped by and they each got a blizzard.  I was full from dinner and passed on the blizzards.  Must be sick!

It rained all afternoon today and with the 20-25 mph wind it was good that we finished most of the outside preparations on Friday.  The rain was most welcome, but we could have done without the winds.

Later in the day we joined Linda & Sherwin at Hotrod's for dinner.  Twice in a week for us, but we do like the place.  We wound up spending 2 1/2 hours eating and talking about just about everything.  They are leaving Tuesday morning and this was our last chance to see them before they leave.  We always enjoy visiting with them and wonder why we don't get together more often.  In-between catching up conversations, the girls chatted non stop about quilting and the guys about cars and gold prospecting.  Great company & conversations.

The weather turned colder as we were leaving the restaurant and it was quite a shock to us after the temps being in the 90s the past week or so.  Of course we weren't prepared for the cooling down and it took a while for Gerry to recover.

That was our great day, how was yours?

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