Friday, April 18, 2014

Guadalajara Fiesta Grill

The previous day I had so many airplane photos in the blog so I didn't include our dinner photos at the Guadalajara Fiesta Grill.  It is one of our favorite places in Tucson because of the Mariachi Band, salsa made at your table and the overall atmosphere.  They also serve huge portions and it's almost impossible to finish a meal there even though they taste great.

We like to get there early enough to get a nice table and enjoy happy hour before the fun starts.  When we arrived almost every seat in the restaurant was available.  Grant thought this one suited a person of his stature and grabbed it ahead of everyone.

They have great margaritas here, which Gerry ordered.  I always have my favorite Dos XX beer, while Grant ordered a Shirley Temple.  He must have enjoyed it since he had 2-3 refills, while we only had one each.

Our favorite lady who makes the salsa wasn't there and another one made the salsa for us.  She made a mild one for me and a medium one for Gerry.  Grant and I finished off the mild one and wound up working on Gerry's salsa.

No, that isn't Grant's margarita, we had him sit there so he could see how she made the salsa.  He compared it to his dad making homemade salsa and said his dad's was better.  Smart kid.

We waited around for a while to hear the mariachi band, but it wasn't one of the better ones.  We left after a few songs.  They didn't sound like real mariachi players to me.  We exited through the outside patio area so Grant could see how nice it was.  The pollen is high here and the trees in the patio area drop too much pollen for us.

We finished the dinner and made our way back to the motorhome and some rest.  Grant was worn out and I was right behind him.  We missed the Survivor program and don't know who was voted off.

That was the second part of our day, how was yours?


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