Monday, April 7, 2014

Trip to Skyharbor Int'l Airport - Phoenix

During a conversation with our son Larry Jr on Saturday it was mentioned that grandson Grant had a two week spring break starting on April 7.  They weren't sure what to do with him to keep him busy and entertained, so we volunteered to take care of him here in Tucson.  There was a mad frenzy to find a reasonable airfare from Charlotte, NC to Tucson, but there wasn't a decent fare available with Southwest Airlines.  I then check fares to Phoenix, AZ from Charlotte and found a super great deal with Southwest.  It was about 1/3 of the fare to Tucson.  We put the wheels in motion to make this happen.

Well, Monday afternoon we made the 135 mile drive up to Skyharbor and picked him up at 8:45pm.  We got there early and were hungry, so we looked for a restaurant nearby the airport.  Much to our surprise we wound up eating at a restaurant that we used when Barbara & Henry were here last spring for the NASCAR race.  It was near their hotel and we had dinner with them and Henry's parents after the race.  Barbara & Henry loaded their luggage into our car and we headed back to Tucson for a week long visit with them.

Gerry ordered the chicken fried chicken sandwich and ate 1/2 of the sandwich.  I ordered a club sandwich and was able to eat most of it, but was stuffed when we left.  The picture below shows our food and the remaining half of Gerry's sandwich.  It is impossible to walk out of there hungry.

The decor there is southwestern/cowboy and it looks like the restaurant has been there for a while.  

We arrived at the airport and tried to decipher the layout to find which terminal and door to enter in order to pick up Grant.  I dropped Gerry off at the terminal and then parked in the cell phone lot.  Gerry managed to get a pass and walked right up to the arrival gate and met Grant.  He thought they were meeting at the arriving luggage area, but since he only had a carryon bag, he was looking for the luggage area and almost walked right past her.  They had a big hug and then called me to pick them up at the door.  

I swooped down and they jumped into the car.  We were out of the airport in a flash.  Then we had a 2 hour drive ahead of us.  Since traffic was light, we made great time getting back to the motorhome.  Grant was very tired and so were the two of us, so we hit the hay very quickly after we got home.

It would take us at least 10 days of driving to duplicate the trip that took Grant about 8 hours.  I think I am going to buy an airplane.  Not!

We did have a "gotcha" moment on the way up to Phoenix.  I was driving along around 72 mph in a 75mph zone when a black BMW flew by us in the fast lane running around 90-95mph and it was out of sight in a minute or so.  We drove down the road about 15 miles and there he was talking to an Arizona State trooper and exchanging information and papers.  I wonder what the fine is for running 20mph over the speed limit.  

Gerry had a routine doctor appointment in the morning and we met Judy & Steve for lunch at a local restaurant called Buddy's.  We had a nice long chat with them and enjoyed the meal very much.  We've been trying to get together with them all winter and with my knee replacement, my brother's visit and their many friends and family visiting with them we finally each had a free day.  I hope it doesn't take that long next winter if we all come back to Tucson.

It sure was a long day for us, but it went by quickly.  That was our day, how was yours?

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  1. We have never tried Bill Johnson's and there's one just down the road on Main in Mesa. Jim nearly sunk his boat yesterday so that was about all the excitement we could handle. He's fixing it this morning. Have a wonderful time with your grandson.