Friday, April 4, 2014

Going away dinner & Owls

It won't be long and we will be the last snowbirds left in the park.  People have been leaving in droves.  They are eager to head back north to the snowy and cold weather up there.  I saw where they were having blizzard like conditions in Michigan, so I can't imagine anyone being that desperate to return to that kind of weather.  To each his own.  Travel safely back home.

We drove by the area where the mother owl is sitting on the nest with her chicks.  The young owl we saw is getting big very fast and is in plain view up high in the nest.

We had a few errands to run and wound up at the new Walmart near the park.  We like International Delight Sugar Free Hazelnut in our coffee and will drive for miles to find it.  The new Walmart had some in stock and we picked up two bottles of the liquid gold.  We even have friends Ron & Dee C looking out for us when they go to various Walmarts in the area to see if they can find it.  

Speaking of Ron & Dee C, they are scheduled to leave for their home in Illinois on Tuesday morning.  They have a mobile home in the park, so they don't have to tow their home with them.  We set up a dinner date for this evening.  The local Montgomery's has a nice fish dinner and we headed for there.  Of course, I was the only one who ordered fish and Gerry ordered the shrimp cocktail.  We got there in time for happy hour and that helped keep the costs down.

We finished our meals and sat and talked for a while.  Afterward, they stopped by our motorhome and we continued on with conversations.  They are both easy to talk to and there never was a lull in the conversation.  Sure is going to be lonely around here after they leave.



  1. It is still much too early to head north in my book. I'm still enjoying the sunshine even though it's going to be warm next week. I really don't mind until we hit the 100 mark and stay there. Then I'm ready.