Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fine dining Tucson style

Ron & Dee C went out to a new fine dining restaurant the other night and highly recommended this restaurant.  Ron thought the drinks were out of this world ( or the U.S. at least ) and thought we would like the place.  He said it had a lot of charm and a nice country setting between two railroad tracks, so we thought we'd check it out tonight.

The Sonoran hotdogs perked up our interest so we ordered two of them and a taco platter.  With the 2 drinks the bill came to $14.00 and it was enough to fill us up.  Without further adieu here is Valerie's Mexicana Diner in Vail, AZ.

 The restaurant was actually a food truck with a room added to the side of it.  The room was a carport roof with steel posts and a durable clear plastic added as walls.  Inside they had a tile floor and some picnic tables and regular tables.  All in all it was a neat place to eat and they showed a lot of originality with the design.

 Ron said the hotdogs were good so we each ordered one.  We, too, thought they were very good but I'm glad I didn't have jalapeno peppers on mine.  Here is our authentic Mexican dinner for two.  Although we liked the hotdogs, the tacos were made with shredded beef and they didn't have that much taste.  I added some pico de gallo and that spiced them up a litte.

 Gerry made me wait to eat so she could get this picture of the hotdog.  Figure out what hotdog she was referring to.

 We drove a short distance to Gerry's favorite stop in Vail and picked up desert.  Ok, Ron K, eat your heart out.  The banana split was perfect and Gerry helped me finish it off.  She saved her blizzard for later consumption.

Gerry had a full day before the dinner with a routine doctor appointment and then going to her last PT session with Noonan Associates.  Kari, the physical therapist said Gerry had progressed and didn't need any more therapy at this time.  Of course, that was great news for Gerry and now we are almost free to hit the road in April.

We are in the midst of some high winds here in Tucson and the pollen is quite high.  The campsite is lower in the area where we are and the winds aren't as bad as when we were in the front of the campground.  

That's all from us today.  Not that exciting, but a lot better than sitting around a house in the snow out east.

The Arizona Wildcats came from behind and beat San Diego State U this evening and will move on as one of the final eight teams in the NCAA basketball tournament.  We were out on the road about game time and it looked like orders had been to stay off the roads and everyone followed it.  Everyone was home or at a bar watching the game it seems.  I imagine there will be some celebrating on campus this evening.  




  1. Now that's my kind of fine dining. I love hot dogs. But somehow hot dogs and Mexican restaurants don't connect in my brain. Jim would have been right there with Gerry celebrating her good news at DQ.

  2. My mouth watered thru the whole Comida's description. We would go there in a minute including Gerry's favorite DQ.

  3. You should have mentioned the hot dog was wrapped in bacon. That will get their attention. LOL.