Saturday, March 15, 2014

Margaritas & Fish Fry

We went to the margarita and fish fry today at the park.  A number of volunteers got together and organized the event.  There was a happy hour with margaritas around the pool area before the actual fish fry and it was well attended.  Ron & Dee were behind the bar serving up the delicious drinks.  Ron has been working on a hair transplant the last few days and he looks great.  What do you think?


 Nate came out from the Adventure Bound campground on Cape Cod to fill in until they were able to hire a new manager here.  He did a fine job and everyone in the park liked him, which is a great feat considering the age difference between him and the park residents.  Nate is on the right and one of the park residents is on the left.

It was a very windy afternoon here in Tucson and the group built a temporary wind shelter to keep the wind from blowing the grill out.  It worked very well and they were able to fry the fish in a timely manner.  The fish was very good and had a great coating on it.  Yummy!

Looks like a lot of cooks in the kitchen but they worked together well and did a great job.

Jim & Lynne seem to be enjoying a funny joke.  It must have been something I said, but I don't remember what it was.  I will have to ask them what was so funny.

We did move indoors for the dinner and had coleslaw, potato salad, and rolls to complement the fish.  Everyone seemed to have  a good time  and there was a lot of conversation going on around the room.

It's time for everyone to start thinking about leaving the park and heading back to the snow and cold weather.  I don't think anyone is pleased with the thought of arriving back home in the north with snow still on the ground.

Our travel plans are up in the air and we may be out west until late June.  It isn't a problem since we've wanted to visit Las Vegas and southern Utah once again.  More to follow on our travel plans.

We had planned on going geocaching Sunday, but the weather forecast is for high winds and dust.  It isn't much fun walking in the desert in those conditions so there will be a change in plans.  Maybe a trip to Tubac or somewhere down there would be a good alternative .

That was our day, how was yours?


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  1. We had a party at our park today also. We had pork loin with scalloped taters and cabbage and green beans. It was wonderful. But your fish fry sounds really good also. Ours was a goodbye dinner cause so many folks are leaving the end of the month. I think they're nuts. We'll leave sometime around the middle to end of May depending on Jim's doctor appts. We're rocking and rolling up here tonight.