Monday, March 10, 2014

Still here, but nothing going on.

Not much interesting happening around here the past few days.  We did go out to dinner at Rancho Rustico which is a local Mexican restaurant Sunday.  Our neighbors Frank & Jan were dining there also with their son and daughter-in-law.  It seems that a number of park members frequent the restaurant since every time we go there, we run into someone from here.  We had a nice meal and called it a night.

We arrived home after one of our favorite t.v. programs, "The Amazing Race", had started.   We were able to fill in some of the blanks of what had happened and enjoyed watching the balance of the show.  We haven't decided on favorites yet, so were not emotional about the couple who had been eliminated.  It is always interesting watching where their travels take them.

The weather has continued to be great except for some high winds on Saturday.  That is typical for Tucson in the spring time and we are used to it.  Just tie everything down and hold on.

We took advantage of the slow time around here and rearranged some cabinets in the motorhome.  It seems that we are always stuffing things into spaces that are too small and it was time to throw out some things we no longer needed.  I also worked on making more space in the outside bins and that worked out very well.  

We have been discussing our travel plans for the summer and haven't firmed up anything yet.  We do know we will be back at the cabin by the first of August, but it's what we do between now and then that is up in the air.  Some events out of our control may dictate we stay out west a little longer than usual.  Nothing serious, but things that have to be taken care of.

We gave some Christmas Cactus cuttings to our son Larry a couple years ago and he has nursed the plant along.  It decided to blossom this week and we received a picture today.  Always nice to see the plant children grow up.

That is our exciting story, what is yours?

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