Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sound of Freedom

We are located on the flight path for Davis Monthan Air Force base in Tucson and hear planes overhead all day.  It is a common occurance and doesn't bother us at all.  We consider it the sound of freedom as they pass overhead.  As a matter of fact, we enjoy watching the different planes returning to base or leaving in the morning.  The most common plane we see is the A-10 Warthog and they usually fly in pairs.  The Secretary of Defense is making sounds to remove the planes from Davis Monthan and retire them.  Bad move given the situations presenting the U.S. throughout the world. 

We were sitting outside in the afternoon enjoying the nice weather when they started their homeward landings.  At first we just watched them and then started counting them as they flew over.  As near as we could tell there were at least 25 planes returning from their flights.

As you can see we have a front row seat for the flights and we've been enjoying happy hour most afternoons lately.  We extended our awnings today to dry them out from the little rain we've had in the past couple weeks.  The sun is setting quite low and the awnings don't provide much shade late in the day.  Gerry was enjoying her glass of wine and the planes overhead.

We are located about a mile from the Hotrod Bar & Restaurant across the desert.  At night the restaurant is all lit up and really stands out.

The new Walmart down the road opened and now there is a sign stating the next phase of road construction will begin on March 16.  Just what we need, more traffic and blocking the road for construction.  I wonder who makes these decisions.  It's going to be difficult to leave here in the motorhome with all the new traffic and the fact that the speed limit is 55mph at the park exit.  55 mph out here really means 65-70.  Should be interesting.

We had a welcoming group waiting for us the other night when we were returning to the park.  It is open range around here and this isn't an unusual site, but it does get your attention late at night as they walk right out in front of you.


That was our day, how was yours?

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  1. Our weather has improved and we are following Gerry...afternoon cocktails on the porch the only problem is Barbara gave up booze for Lent so she has to watch me wind down. I guess she should have given up candy!!