Sunday, March 16, 2014

Desert Flowers & Lazydays RV

The local Lazydays RV center in Tucson was having an open house the last 3 days and we decided to check out their stock and their refreshments.  The refreshments were coke, water and a small container of nachos.  Huh!  In the past they had a band, different vendors and it was a lively place.  Not so today and we checked out a $453,000 Country Couch, 45ft Integra motorhome.   It was powered by a 600hp diesel engine and I would guess the fuel mpg would be around 5.  As they say though, if you have to worry about the fuel mileage, then you shouldn't buy it in the first place.  We didn't.

The desert flowers are coming into bloom and we always marvel at how beautiful they are.  Words can't describe them, so you will have to settle for pictures.  Enjoy.

We stopped by the rec center for ice cream and birthday cake and sat there a while visiting with friends.  They hold the party each month to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays.

I managed to watch a number of NCAA basketball games this weekend so I can get a feel for who is good and which teams are going to go deep into the tournament.  The Arizona team lost, but since they have an ironclad contract with a TV group, most people didn't get to see the game.  Their loss.

Now we are watching one of our favorite TV programs:  The Amazing Race and settling in for the evening.  We had an enjoyable day and hope you all did, too.


  1. Nice pictures. I had forgotten it was time to visit Saguaro National Park and marvel at all the beautiful blooms. Not much planned this week so it will be a good time to venture in with our FREE National Parks Senior Citizen pass.

  2. Gee - we at least got a hot dog at Camping World on Saturday. I can't believe you didn't put a down payment on that rig. You'd look really gooood driving that down the road. Until we started spending time in AZ I didn't have any idea how beautiful all the cacti were when they were in bloom. You got some fantastic pictures.