Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hello from our Christmas Cactus

Gerry has two Christmas Cactus that have grown too large to take with us in the motorhome so we have put them in a foster home.  Actually, we left them with our daughter Barbara to care for since she loves flowers so much.  I hope she is able to relinquish them when we get back to North Carolina this summer.

She sent Gerry an email this morning with a letter from Gerry's cactus flower.  

 Hi Mom, I was so busy at Christmastime to send you a Christmas bloom message. They're taking such good care of me that I was so busy with the festivities!  But now on this Ash Wednesday, were both reflecting & it's a wonderful day to send a blooming message!  My sibling is a bit shy and a bit of a later bloomer but sends best regards as well. We hope our cheery message puts a smile on your face today!
Love your favorite cactus!  ( not to be confused with all the granddaddies out there).  Oh by the way ... Our foster Mom says hi, too!🌵🌺

This is what my younger sibling looks like in all her glory.

Thanks Barbara for taking such good care of the Christmas Cacti.

This is my 900th posting and I am happy that it is such a bright and cheerful one.  It's hard to believe that I have written this many over the past 3-4 years.  Time sure does fly by when you are having fun.



  1. I would definitely say their foster mom is doing a really great job of taking care of those little ones. Beautiful colors.

  2. Wow, how about that?! I feel like a celebrity, ... and the Flower Director Oscar goes to .... Thanks for the post, I sure do miss being with you this year! I even had to go to Panera Bread today and think of you. I didn't get the bear claw for tomorrow, but it sure looked yummy! Love always and forever, Barbara Your Favorite Daughter in NC