Monday, March 17, 2014

St Patrick's Day

Gerry and I always like to go out for St. Patrick's day and celebrate being Irish.  I have a number of Irish ancestors with the likes of Fitzpatrick, Carroll and Taylor in my line.  My grandmother on mom's side was a Fitzpatrick so I have a good excuse to celebrate St. Patrick's day.  Gerry was happy to acknowledge being Irish by way of our marriage, at least on March 17th.

An Irish friend of mine said that in Ireland the day is a religious holiday and not spent like it is here in the U.S.   I prefer our way of celebrating more and follow the U.S. tradition except for the green beer.

A few years ago Gerry & I along with our good friend Gerry Cavanaugh and his wife Yvonne celebrated St. Patrick's day at the Irish Pub here in Tucson.  Gerry C was the most Irish friend I ever had and was extremely proud of his Irish heritage, including rooting for the Fighting Irish from Notre Dame.  He passed away three years ago on St. Patrick's day and I felt it was only fitting that we raised a beer to him on this special day.  Here's to you Gerry, you are missed.

Yvonne & Gerry Cavanaugh

Irish Pub, Tucson, AZ

Jameson's Irish Whiskey, $4.00 a shot.

Here's your Jameson.

Wonder who she is waiting for?

Mike, Martha & Kathy
We got a table as soon as we walked into the place at 3:30 and sat across from Mike.  He was waiting for a couple friends to meet him and we began chatting with him.  Friendly guy and we started kidding with him about his imaginary dates.  Martha showed up first and joined in the conversation and banter and was a good sport.  Then Kathy showed up later and fit in well with the conversation.  They are all friends and meet once a month for dinner and today was the day.

We had a nice time getting to know them and joking around with them.  They all work in the area and the two ladies have lived here for a number of years while Mike moved here within the last 5 years.  We had a great time with them and exchanged phone numbers and are looking forward to meeting them at their next monthly dinner meeting.

They have all traveled extensively and were very interesting people.  It is always nice to meet people who have a view of the world from first hand experience.

That was our day this St. Patrick's Day, how was yours?  


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  1. Not much Irishing going on around here. I do remember celebrating in Washington DC though. Party started at 10:00 in the morning and there was a line to get into the pub from 10:05 on til who knows when. We didn't even have corned beef and cabbage today. But I'm fixing it tomorrow.