Thursday, March 13, 2014

Owl family at CCRV

A month of so ago a male and female owl ran off a hawk family that had a nest here in the park.  They had this feud going on and the hawks finally decided it was time to fly the coop.  Or in this case, the nest.

The male owl sits in a tree about 100 ft from the nest and guards the nest and also brings food to the chick and possibly the female owl.  He is a very impressive bird and was giving us the evil eye today while we were watching him.  

Mr Owl with the evil eye.
Down the road a little ways the female owl is safely sitting in the nest and waiting for the baby to appear.  We haven't seen the chick yet so I guess it will be a little while before it appears.

View from rear of the nest.
I don't know why they chose this very busy spot for the nest but they don't seem to be concerned with all the traffic and noise.  I guess it affords them some safety with other predators staying away from them.  In any case, they are a welcome addition to the park.  So here is a big hooo hooo to them.

We stopped by and visited with a real honest to goodness gold prospector today.   He and some friends have access to claims in the area around Southern Arizona and are out there searching for their fortune on a regular basis.  He is one half of a couple that used to spend the winters in the park here at CCRV, but they gave up the 5th wheel and now rent a house for the winter.  Linda & Sherwin are this couple in case anyone at the park knows them.  I wish him luck in his quest for the gold.  We had a very interesting talk about prospecting and how difficult it is.  Not for me, too lazy.

Linda and Gerry spent much of the time talking about sewing and quilting.  Linda brings her sewing machine and serger with her for the winter.  At one point it sounded like Linda was giving Gerry some tips about her sewing machine and about quilting.  I thought the prospecting for gold was a much more interesting topic.

We had been out shopping and running errands so we got back in this area during rush hour and had to wait to get onto Houghton Rd.  It sure is busy on the road now and much worse than it has been in the past.  Unfortunately, there is going to be more road work beginning on the 16th.  We don't look forward to that congestion, noise and dust that will be stirred up.  We did stop by the new Wal-Mart and Gerry picked up some needed crafting materials.  

That was our exciting day, how was yours?

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  1. Talk about an evil eye. You're lucky you survived that look. But how wonderful to see those beautiful birds. Hope you get some pictures of the baby (babies?) eventually. Prospecting would be too hard on my back and my legs, and my arms and my head and my feet and on and on. Guess we won't be doing that will we. We're back in AJ and I am facing a pile of laundry. That's how my day will go.