Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Center Of The World - Felicity, CA

We passed by the center of the world on our trip back from California.  About 8 miles west on I-8 is an unincorporated town that bills itself as the Center of the World.  Since there are only three people there, it isn't that well known.  

The following website describes the town and it's founder very well.  Check it out for all the information.

Church on the Hill <======  Dbl click here.

The All American Canal runs from Yuma west and at the point below it is about 1/4 mile from the Mexican/US border.  The border fence is clearly visible from I-8.

Wikipedia Source
The All-American Canal is an 80-mile  long aqueduct, located in southeastern California. It conveys water from the Colorado River into the Imperial Valley and to nine cities. It is the Imperial Valley's only water source, and replaced the Alamo Canal, which was located mostly in Mexico. The Imperial Dam about 30 miles northeast of Yuma, AZ on the Colorado River, diverts water into the All-American Canal, which runs to just west of Calexico, CA before its last branch heads mostly north into the Imperial Valley. Five smaller canals branching off the All American Canal move water into the Imperial Valley. These canal systems irrigate up to 630,000 acres  of good crop land and have made possible a greatly increased crop yield in this area, originally one of the driest on earth. It is the largest irrigation canal in the world, carrying a maximum of 26,155 cubic feet per second .  Agricultural runoff from the All American Canal drains into the Salton Sea.

The All American Canal runs parallel to the Mexico California border for several miles. With over 500 people having drowned in the canal since 1997, it has been called "the Most Dangerous Body of Water in the U.S."

The large Imperial Dunes are very popular with the ATV crowd and there are usually a large number of RVs parked there with all the toys they bring along.  It is quite a large area with a lot of space to run the ATVs on.  Looks like a lot of fun.

The border fence shows up as the dark shaded area in the lower half of the picture below.  It sure is close to the interstate highway and freedom for those who illegally cross over the border.

We breezed by this area on our way back and didn't have time to stop and check it out further.  Previously we spent a few days in Yuma a couple times and did the sightseeing thing.  It is an interesting town and overrun with snowbirds in the winter, especially with Canadians trying to escape their harsh winter.

Now that you know where the center of the world is, are you going to visit it?

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