Monday, December 3, 2012

Sick leave

No, we aren't sick or anything like that, but when we were both working, sometimes it would be to our advantage to call in sick and get a day off.  Now that we are retired, we can't call in sick to get a day off.  It's much the same way with writing a blog.  There are days when not much is going on and even less to write about.  The last couple days have been like that for us.

We did go to church on Sunday and the priest was giving a sermon about advent and used sports analogies to explain what advent is all about.  He said advent was like halftime at a football game where you took a break and then looked into what you were doing wrong and what you had to do to fix it.  He also referenced a Nascar race and used the pit stop analogy to explain how one needed to fill your gas tank and take a break.  It was a great analogy and even I could understand what advent was all about.

We caught up on some needed chores today and mainly just took it easy.  Gerry worked on her card crafting and came up with a few new cards that looked very nice.  I just lazied around and worked on the computer and managed to occupy the day puttering around.

Sometimes when there are days like this I don't have much desire to blog, but I do it since who knows when, in the future we will want to check on what we did on a particular day.  It 's a nice journal of what we are doing.  No, it's not a diary.  Men don't keep diaries, they keep journals.

Last year at this time it was cold and dreary in Tucson and now we are having near record breaking temperatures and sunny skies.  I must admit I prefer the warmth and we have been enjoying the great weather.  It will change, but for the time being it is great.

For those who don't like college football, you can stop reading at this time.  The BCS championship selection has been biased for the big schools and only reluctantly do they select a small college for the post season.  There are tremendous amounts of money on the line for selected teams and their conferences and the "big" boys get the majority of the money.  I always get a chuckle out of the spin doctors in the NCAA office when they talk about "student athletes" playing the game.  For the most part I think they are paid mercenaries and only are there to play the game.  It is entertaining though.  This season they selected Northern Illinois U to play in one of the big games and that has created a lot of debate.  After watching them play and since they have a 11-1 record, I think they belong in a BCS bowl game.  They play Florida State U and I bet FSU isn't looking forward to the game.  It should be interesting.

Late update.   Redskins 17 - Giants 16  Final score 


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  1. Well speaking of sick days...Barbara has been sick since last Tuesday. She went to the Dr. on Friday and they sent her for a C-Scan on her stomach. She does have a few minor things wrong and is on a very slow healing process. She got a call from the Dr. on Monday that said she shouldn't be around small children and she shouldn't work this entire week...which she didn't know and she worked Monday! They really stressed washing her hands and cleaning clothes separately. She goes back to the Dr. on Friday and then they will give her an update on new restrictions.