Friday, November 30, 2012

Trip to RV Hospital

We've had a few minor issues with the Allegro Bus and made an appointment with La Mesa RV to have them look at the problems.  One problem was a leaky water heater fixture that kept getting worse.  Ron K had tightened the fixture but it started leaking again and I wanted to get it repaired.  If it would have been in a more accessible position, I would have repaired it myself, but it was in a basement bay with tight quarters.  The tech made short work of that task and also replaced a check relief valve that was bad.

The bedroom slide was a little quirky coming out and they found it had a bad slide motor.  They didn't have one in stock and will order it on Monday. We will have to go back in to have it replaced.  We have an extended warranty that will cover all of the repairs with a deductable amount.  By combining these minor problems into one visit I only have to pay the deductable amount once, rather than for each repair.  Good deal.

La Mesa provides a free lunch every day.  Today they had goulash, mashed potatoes, corn, salad, rolls and a soft drink.  There was even a freshly baked cookie for dessert.  The meal was actually very good and we were pleasantly surprised.  

Camping World is just across the street from La Mesa and we had a few items to pick up there.  It turned out to be a good time to stop since most of the items we wanted were on sale.  Great timing on our part.  The last time we stopped at Camping World nobody was minding the store and we had to yell to get someone to come out and help us.  Today was different and they had a full staff waiting to help us.  

We had a couple more tasks to accomplish before the motor home was ready and then picked up the unit around 4:15pm and headed back to the campground and got set up on the site and had an early dinner.  

It wasn't an exciting day, but we got a lot of things done and that made it a good day.  In addition, our mail from Maryland came in today and we had a lot of reading material.

Life is good.     

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  1. Well life is good her in maine too, got up and it is 12 degrees out!! Life is COLD!!!!