Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cheery Pie Time

I know that George Washington cut down the cherry tree and then had to confess to it since he couldn't tell a lie.  I can't wait for GW's birthday to get another slice of cherry pie so we did the next best thing and stopped by the Village Inn for their free pie Wednesday special.  All you have to do is order something and you receive the free pie.  Can't be much easier than that.

Now Gerry isn't as fond of cherry pie as I am and she orders something different most of the time.  Tonight she had cherry pie also and surprised me.  Of course, we had to stop by Fry's grocery store and pick up some French Vanilla ice cream to go with the pie.  I hope the pie and ice cream doesn't exceed 250 calories.  What do you think?

It continues to be warmer than usual around here and I must admit I love the warmth and sunshine.  We haven't had to wear long pants since we've been here and it looks like Saturday night might bring that streak to an end.  They are calling for 28 degree temps for Saturday and Sunday nights and most likely that will cool off the daytime temps as well.

Gas prices have dropped below $3.00/gallon at many Tucson service stations.  Diesel prices have also dropped but not as much as gasoline.  Diesel is a byproduct of refining gasoline so it makes me wonder why diesel remains so high.  I guess it's that way because they can keep the price high and still sell the product.  Maybe if all the truckers in the U.S. and others didn't buy diesel for a couple weeks, the message would get around to the oil companies.  Fat chance of that happening.

I read a couple RV forums and also some blogs about rving and a common theme seems to be that RV parks, Resorts, Campgrounds, etc seem to have a lot fewer customers this year.  Many parks are less than 1/2 full and in the past they are almost full this time of the year.  I wonder why attendance is down so much and imagine the poor economy has a lot to do with it.  High fuel prices and the constant rise in campground rates contribute to the decline also.  We camped at Bahia Honda State Park in Florida in 1997 and paid around $18/night and now it's over $44/night.  It makes me wonder why the state parks have risen so much when the state owns the land, the parks have campsites in place and they have cut down on the number of employees.  They also use volunteers a lot and they aren't paid.  So, why are the fees so high?

Nothing else of interest to write about, so I will spare you any more suspense reading this.  Keep smiling and stay warm!



  1. Yeah, it's going to cool way down in the daytime as well, into the 60's out here in Benson, and I'm sure in Tucson as well. We don't do much pies any more. Suzy won't eat it now, and I won't buy a whole pie for myself. When we go out, we are usually too full after eating half the meal to even consider dessert. I'll let you enjoy that cheery cherry pie for me!

  2. Tart cherry pie and vanilla ice cream is a favorite of mine too. BTW, I saw a jar of mincemeat on a grocery shelf yesterday.