Sunday, December 30, 2012

Go Skins

I waited until late this evening to write the blog since THE GAME was on tv and I wanted to write about the Redskins-Cowboys football game.  The 'Skins won 28-18 on the cold Fedex playing field.  I must admit that I wanted them to win, but wasn't sure enough to bet on it.  

What a turnaround for the 'Skins from a mid season 3-6 record and then to win the last 7 games to become the NFC East Conference division champs!  Last season they were pathetic and looked to stay that way after such a poor beginning.  The Redskins' coach lit a fire under the players and basically told them they were playing for their jobs for next year.  The surely did respond in a positive fashion.

Now the 'Skins will play the Seattle Seahawks next Sunday in a playoff game.  Even though the Seahawks have the better record, the 'Skins will host the game because they won their division.  

I still have season tickets with a friend but haven't used them for years.  I imagine it will be very cold next weekend.  It will be even colder in the stadium and it will be difficult to sit there for 3 hours.  I will be happy to watch it in the comfort of my easy chair in the motorhome.  

Gerry and I attended the first game played at the Jack Kent Cooke Stadium in 1997.  The Skins played the Cardinals and won in overtime 19-13 which was a great way to christen the stadium.  Jack Cooke built the stadium with his own money and died of a heart attack before they moved into the stadium.  That was the only time we were there and I missed the old DC Stadium.  The new stadium seats were too narrow and the aisles too close to each other.  The new owner changed the name to FEDEX stadium in 1999 which I thought was a no-class act.

Jamie Asher on the run.

Who's got the ball?

We rented the movie "J Edgar" today at a Redbox.  The overall portrayal was interesting and his comment that we must remember history was quite appropriate.  I worked for the FBI in the late 1950s and was in Hoover's office a number of times.  There were many times I saw Hoover and his Associate Director Clyde Tolson in the hallways.  I don't ever remember seeing Hoover without Tolson present.  J Edgar had his desk on a raised platform and you had to look up at him when you entered the room.  It surely was an interesting place to work, but I wasn't cut out to become an agent and live the lifestyle expected of them.  Hoover has taken a lot of criticism, but he ran a well organized and efficient bureau that hasn't been duplicated since his departure.

Dee asked if I liked the movie and the answer is yes.  We both enjoyed the movie and would recommend it to anyone who would like to know more about J Edgar Hoover.  I can't verify how factual it is entirely, but it was entertaining.  I remember seeing Helen Gandy, his secretary, a number of times.  She was one powerful woman and everyone knew it. 


  1. Great picture of the cabin! Go Skins!


  2. Picture postcard beautiful. But did you like the movie?

  3. Love this entry...BEAUTIFUL CABIN with all the white bundles! SKINS, yeah for them..they were able to do what the Panthers didn't. Have a crappy start and finish with a bang! Way to go! (the Panthers won just enough in the end to get a worse draft pick next time) I'm pulling for the underdog all the way! May the Skins be with you!! BTW, I remember the old DC stadium well, I do remember being with you, Dad one year seeing us wooop up on the Bears! Happy Times. The 80' were the decade, tho!!! I had a huge t-shirt on the year Ryan was born as I was 8 1/2 mo. pregnant with him watching them in the Super Bowl. Did we win that year? I can't remember that part!! Love, Barbara