Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cowgirls & New Shoes

We had some errands and shopping to take care of today and were heading out of the park when I got a whiff of a freshly baked cookie.  I immediately turned the car around and headed back to the overpowering aroma.  Then, what do I see but Dee C standing in the road with a plate of cookies in her hand.  She only had to ask once if we wanted a freshly baked and hot Ghirardelli chocolate chip cookie.  Man, they were good and I wolfed mine down quickly before she could change her mind.  Thanks Dee.

Now that our taste buds were fully activated we went downtown to the Park Place Mall.  We did get sidetracked and pulled into the Paradise Bakery and Cafe for a quick lunch.  Soup and sandwich was the meal for today and as usual it was very tasty.  Almost as good as Panera Bread makes, but not quite there.

Macy's was the next stop so I could buy a new pair of shoes.  I hate to shop in general and really hate to shop for shoes in particular.  I do need a pair of black shoes when white tennis shoes don't do the job and they had a number of options there that interested me.  The only problem was that they all were medium width and I need a wide fit for my big feet.  I tried on about 10 different shoes and none of them fit properly.  Struck out.

Casual Male was the next stop for us and I managed to find a pair of shoes there that will fit the bill.  They had to order them from the warehouse out east and will take about a week to get here.  I can wait for them since we don't have any dressy social events on the calendar.  There were a few more stops and then we stopped by to pick up a meal from Panda Express, which was good as usual.

A couple days ago we were shopping at the local Fry's grocery store and saw a nice looking older woman dressed in work clothes;  work clothes like a ranch hand would wear, with boots and all the other trappings.  She was going up and down the isles in the opposite direction so we ran across her a number of times.  I received a phone call and went outside to answer the call.   Shortly after I saw the woman loading her huge grocery load into the back of a 1980s Jeep with large wheels, no sides and a lot of ground clearance.  It was obvious she lived down one of the many side roads out here and needed the Jeep to get around.  She had a big howdy when I walked past her to our car.  People out here tend to be more outgoing and friendly than back east.  Maybe that is why we like it so much here in the Southwest.

I had  a long conversation with Mann D and we almost solved all the world's problems, but our phones were disconnected twice and we lost our train of thought.  Maybe next time we can solve the problems and write down the solution.  Ha! 

In yesterday's blog I intentionally spelled cherry two different ways to see if anyone would notice it.  Two people called me on the differences and I had to fess up that it was intentionalSort of like those two pictures with 5 differences you have to pick out.  More to follow, so keep on you toes.

Remember, December 7, 1941 became, “A day that will live in infamy”, as President Franklin D. Roosevelt famously spoke 71 years ago, and is a day we should never forget.

That was our day, how was yours?     

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