Sunday, December 16, 2012

Rainbows & Viros Bakery

Yesterday as we were heading out the most beautiful rainbow appeared with the Rincon Mountains as a backdrop.  We noticed a woman stopping along the road and taking a picture looking west when the rainbow came into view to the east.  Since we had an unobstructed view, we could see both ends of the rainbow.  It really lifted our spirits.

We made a run today to the post office to mail the last of the Christmas cards and on the way back decided to stop for lunch.  There weren't many options along 22nd St, but we did find Viro's Bakery and Cafe.  They had some delicious pastries on display and also had a cafe area with a few tables.  They had a daily special of a 9 inch pizza, two salads and two drinks for $9.99 and we decided to go for it.  The salads were fresh and the pizza good so it turned out to be a great meal.

Gerry couldn't resist checking out the pastries but she was able to control her urges and not buy any.  It helped that she looked after the meal and not before.  It's sort of like not shopping for groceries on an empty stomach, except this time it was pastries.

I had a number of large files to download from the internet and didn't want to use up any of my remaining data on my aircard, so a trip to the library was in order.  They have a very good wifi system and I was able to download about 600mg in a short time.  

Gerry walked around checking out the movies and audio books and managed to find a number of each to take back to the motor home.  We watched one of them, "Wanderlust" with Jennifer Anniston and were glad that we didn't have to pay rental on the movie.  We were both surprised that she was in the movie but I guess she was trying to break away from her goodie two shoes reputation.  If you haven't seen the movie, take my advice and skip this one.

Arizona University is located in Tucson and they had a special day today with their football team scoring 14 pts in the last 42 seconds of their bowl game and winning 49-48 over Nevada.  Then, the basketball team played #5 ranked Florida and won 65-64 by scoring the last 7 points of the game.  It was a good day to be a Wildcat fan. 

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  1. We also had a bad movie experience but it cost us $20! Red Dawn. Then we went to Bonefish Grill and waited 2 hours for a seat! This is the 2nd and last time we have had to wait a long time at a Bonefish. We went with Rob/Dawn and had spent $100 on apps and drinks before we even sat down then another $100 for dinner. I hope Barbara enjoyed it because I will never go back to a Bonefish again.