Friday, December 28, 2012

Olive Garden and Cattletown

Gerry and I had some errands to run on Thursday and were downtown around dinner time.  We both like the Olive Garden restaurant and decided it would be a good time to go there for a nice dinner.  They have a $25 dinner special for two entrees, soup or salad and choice of appetizer or dessert.  We decided on that and both enjoyed our meals a lot.  We had more than enough to eat, so took the dessert home to enjoy later.

It was very crowded there and we sat in the bar area rather than wait the 30 minutes or so for a table.  Big mistake.  The bar area is near the entrance and every time someone came in or left we got a blast of cold air.  We kept our sweaters on and managed to not freeze to death.  The weather has taken a real turn for the worse in Tucson and it feels like Old Man Winter will be here for a few days.

When I took the trash out this morning I was in for a surprise.  It was quite cold last night and the car was covered with frost.  It was still in the low 30s and chilly.  Now, this might not be news worthy to people up north or in the colder regions of the US, but here in Tucson it was.

We hung around the MH today and then went out to dinner at Cattletown with Steve & Judy.  We got there early to get seated quickly but there weren't many people in the restaurant.  In the past if you didn't get there early, you would have a long wait.  Not tonight.  We had the fish dinner and enjoyed it, but it wasn't as good as in the past.  I don't think Steve & Judy were very impressed with Cattletown and didn't care that much for their meal of fish and shrimp.

 We subscribed to Verizon for our wireless internet for the past 4 years and haven't been happy with our service the last few months since they introduced their 4th gen service.  We have 3gen service and it seems that it is getting slower and slower every month.  I haven't cancelled this service, but if the new one works out, I will put Verizon on vacation or hold.  Nice to have a backup.

I finally decided to try some thing different and subscribed to Millenicom for my service.  I get 4g/3g connection which will handle 10 users at a time and receive 20gig of data for $70/month.  There isn't a contract involved so I can stop it at any time.  The jury is out but I hope it works as advertised.  So far, so good.  

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