Friday, December 14, 2012

Crazy Drivers & Rain

Well, it must be the season for Christmas parties and drunks out here.  We had two drivers almost run right into the side of our car today while we were out shopping.  The first car decided to turn into our lane at the last minute and blowing my horn didn't phase her a bit.  Over she came.  I flashed my brights at her and she ignored that also.   Then a few minutes later another car didn't want to wait for a turning car and shot out into our lane.  Luckily I was able to switch lanes without hitting anyone and avoided another accident.  

We had some shopping to take care of then looked for someplace to eat dinner.   Red Lobster was in sight and we thought we'd try it for a change.  We got seated quickly and ordered their special 4 course dinner which turned out to be pretty good.  I had Talipia and Gerry had coconut crusted shrimp which she couldn't finish and brought 1/2 of her meal home with us.  Key Lime pie was included in the meal and that also came with us for a late night dessert.  All in all. it was a nice meal and we'd go back again.

The weather forecast for Friday is rain and windy so we will finish up with the Christmas cards and gift packing so we can get everything in the mail Friday afternoon.  Then it will be time to decorate the motor home with our limited Christmas decorations.  I think Gerry is softening me up to add some more decorations to the unit.  She is talking about a new tree and some other items that we need. 
I have been listening to the TV weather girl talk about the storm out here in Tucson tonight and to continue through Friday.  We find it very amusing to hear them go on and on about .1 inch of rain like it's 15 inches of rain.  When we lived in Costa Rica it would rain for 3-4 hours in the rainy season and over 2-3 inches a day weren't uncommon.  I guess everything is relative.  Bring it on!

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