Friday, December 21, 2012

Mayan Calendar

Well, I waited until today to write the blog since I wasn't sure anyone would be out there to read it.  Are you still there?

We decided to go to the Wine &  Hors d'oeuvres party at the recreation center last night.  The RV park provided the wine and everyone brought a hors d'oeuvre to share.  Potluck sounds to un- French, but that basically is what it was.

After everyone was liquored up on the free wine we had to sing Christmas songs to get out of there.  They had a karoke that displayed the songs on a large screen, sort of like following the bouncing ball and singing at the same time.  I did everyone a favor and didn't sing since I can't carry a tune in a basket.  Everyone had a good time and were still there when we left after 8pm.  Nothing like free wine to get everyone get out of their RVs.  

It has turned windy and cold out here in Tucson with temps in the high 20s at night and last night there was a strong wind blowing.  The slide toppers were popping all night long and the motorhome was a rocking at times.  The wind is expected to be back to a manageable speed this afternoon.  I sure hope so.

Gerry has plans to bake some cookies today and I am looking forward to some warm cookies and milk.  She guards the cookies like they are gold and tries to keep me from snitching a couple.  You have to have quick hands around her when she has a wooden stirring spoon around.  I'm not sure how much longer I can do this since I've slowed down somewhat.  Probably because of all the calories that I have taken on with all those cookies.

There is a food bank in nearby Vail and some of the people in the park volunteer to help out there.  Yesterday they unloaded a truck load of vegetables and brought some of them to the park to be distributed to the senior citizens here.  Gerry picked up a number of peppers and it looks like stuffed peppers is on the menu for Saturday night.  I really like them on cold nights and hope she makes enough of them so we have leftovers.  Ron & Dee C will be joining us for the stuffed peppers and possibly a few adult beverages during the evening.

Remember, let me know if you are out there to read this.

I thought is was a proper time to include some photos from Tikal in Guatemala with the ruins of the Mayan Temples there.  We visited there in 1987 when we were in Antigua for Spanish language training.

Stone Mask

Temples I, II, III

Temples III, IV

Main Acropolis


  1. We're here! Guess those Mayans were wrong. We won't be baking cookies here, but Suzy is going to make a tortiere, part of our family tradition. She used to make it with pork sausage, now she uses turkey sausage. Our daughters and granddaughter in Carson City made twelve of them for this year! They are full-size sausage / potato / onion ; herb pies, and OH SO GOOD!

  2. I'm still here and so glad the work week is over for me! Long week, time to put the feet up. I would have really been mad to have had the world end after working such a hard week and not even be able to enjoy the weekend!
    I remember my sweatshirt from Tikal lovingly. It's pretty tattered by now, but I still wear it at times, faded and all!
    We've got high winds too and cold cold weather. One of our stores in Banner Elk had a huge tree fall thru the roof of the store from the wind! Keep warm and use the extravagant fireplace you got that has turned out to be a wonderful blessing on these cold days and nights! So glad you got it! Love Barbara

  3. I noticed that you have an odd post from someone...Moving Heads...I received 3 of these this week on a past post "Family Portrait #2". It seemed like a scam to me so I just left it alone. Take a look and let me know if you know what they are.

    I am still here also and the house has peaked at an all time Christmas mess which is why I continue to say Bah Humbug!!!