Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Kyle Busch & # 1 fan

This is part 2 of the Kyle Busch photo saga which includes our dtr Barbara, Gerry and Kyle Busch (NASCAR racing driver).  Last November 8 I posted a blog about the Hotrod Cafe in Vail, AZ.   It was a deceptive blog posting in that it didn't mention Barbara or Kyle.  

When we heard Kyle was there for an autograph signing session at the cafe, I printed a picture of Barbara on our printer and Gerry took it up to Kyle and had him sign it.   It was made out to "his number one fan, Barbara".  The only problem with this is that Barbara is a die-hard Kasey Kahne fan and therefore Kyle is down her list of favorite drivers.  We finally mailed the signed photo to Barbara and she received it today and sent us this picture.  Great sport.

Gerry waited in line to get the photo and when she left, she ran into the Snap-On tool guy staying there.  We mentioned to him that we joked about there being only one Snap-On tool guy and he was following us around.  He got a charge out of that and suggested taking a picture with Gerry.  When the photo came out you could see the signed picture very clearly in the photo.  Ooooops!

I had to crop the photo of Barbara out so she wouldn't see it and wonder why she was in the photo.   Sharp eyed Gerry caught this error and I managed to fix it before anyone saw it.  Close call.

Gerry patiently waited her turn to get his autograph and I was able to get close enough to take the photo.  They had a lot of security and I almost didn't get the photo since they didn't want me to be that close to the table, but I looked harmless so it worked out.

You can see the previous post on this by clicking on the Hotrod Cafe label on the side of this page.  

We went to Pizza night at the recreation center tonight for dinner.  It was the smallest crowd that we have seen for the all you can eat pizza night.  We managed to have a good time and were the last people to leave along with Judy & Steve.  We stopped by their 5th wheel and Gerry had a Kinky drink and I had an excellent Alaskan Amber beer.  We had a nice chat and arranged to go out for dinner Tuesday at the Guadalajara Cafe and then check out the Christmas lights at the Winterhaven  subdivision in North Tucson.   Pictures to follow.

Steve & Judy took a trip up to Alaska this summer and took almost 1,000 photos.  We looked at a number of them and they were great.  They enjoyed very nice weather and almost all of the photos had white fluffy clouds and blue skies appearing in them.  It was nice seeing some of the places they had been and also that we visited in 1995.  Alaska is truly a beautiful place and well worth the trip up there.

That is my story and I am sticking to it.


  1. Nice job on the picture and autograph! The only thing that I would like to add to the story is Barbara pulls for Kasey Kahn, Jimmie Johnson, Carl Edwards and anyone that is good looking! That usually means that she has about 35 drivers out of 43 that she is cheering for! One thing you won't see her do is cheer for Kyle, Dale Jr. and now Brad Keselowski!!

    Again nice job and the picture is being displayed for all to see.


  2. Haha too funny! Can't wait to see the signed picture!

  3. You got me good! I read "Kyle" pretty easily..but the Busch was harder to decipher...still I instinctively thought that might be what it said! I guess I have to give you AND him KUDOS for arranging this! I guess I have to display the picture too...if not just to repeat the story! thanks for making my day! but GO KASEY KAHNE AND JIMMIE JOHNSON! I guess I'll concede that Ryan had met both the Busch boys numerous times and said they were very nice and interesting each time.... Your daughter who isn't a Kyle Busch fan, even tho pictures don't lie, this one must!!

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