Sunday, September 7, 2014

Wedding Anniversary & Auction


It's hard to believe that you are celebrating the 12th anniversary of your wedding.  Time really does fly by quickly and it seems like just yesterday that we were at the wedding.  Hope you guys enjoyed your visit to Dominic's and it was as good as you remembered.

The green type above was for Cassie since green is her favorite color.  You should have seen her lime green bedroom color.

The previous blog was about online auctions and our participation in a local one.  It was an eye opener in many ways including the 13% fee the auctioneer tacks onto the winning bid.  Plus the local sales taxes and a requirement that the sale is applied to your credit card.  No checks or cash, just plastic. 

Cassie & Jack were interested in a 2000 van that had high mileage on it, but had been taken care of very good by the owner who was a mechanic.  It was in pretty good shape, needed tires and a few other things but was road worthy.  They drove it around the area for a few miles and liked the way it handled.  Cassie stayed in the bidding until it got near $2,000 and then dropped out with the van eventually selling for $2,100 plus the 13% tacked on. 

The other items in the auction went fairly cheaply except for a few items that a few people really wanted badly and they ran up the price.  If someone had newly purchased their first home and needed yard tools and some small household appliances, the auction would have been a good route to take.  I still have shovels I bought new 50 years ago and they are in great shape even though they have been used hard over the years.  

I set the Bushnell Game camera in the meadow last night and captured a few shots of some deer.  They bed down in the area and we've seen up to 7 at a time out there, but only two were captured on the camera.  Since it was pitch dark outside the photos aren't the greatest but it's fun trying to catch them unaware of the camera.  Don't pay any attention to the date and time since I haven't figured out how to set it on the camera.  It's in the job jar though.

I also captured this shot of bigfoot or a wild bear in it's natural habitat.  The cabin is in the background and I am walking out to check what pictures I got on the camera.  Don't laugh, it gives me something to do.
That was our exciting day here on the mountain, how was yours?


  1. Love the alien eye deer. Our daughter-in-law's favorite color is green also. In fact, her wedding dress had a green ribbon trim on it.

  2. I have a friend that has one of these cameras and post many wildlife pictures, Moose having a baby and lynx right next to his house. the "Bear" in the white shirt looks familiar. have fun with the new toy.

  3. Interesting that you have to use a credit card to buy a car in MD. It's against the law in IL to buy a car with a credit card.

    1. That was the rule of the auction company, not a PA state law. I wonder if cash is preferred in IL so it can be moved around easily, if you know what I mean. Some Secretaries of State even used shoe boxes for state funds. Remember?

  4. Wow, 12 years! Time sure does fly! Happy Anniversary Cassie & Jack!
    I LOVE that "bear" and can't wait to hug him in less than a month!