Sunday, September 14, 2014

New Tow Car

We have been looking for a replacement tow car for the last 2 years and always arrive in the cabin area at the end of year for cars.  The GMC Terrain was our first choice for a car, however the dealers around us don't have anything in stock that we were interested in.  Cross them off the list.  Then we started looking at the Ford Escape and found out the 2014 model is not towable 4 wheels down.  Jeep Cherokees were too expensive and get lousy gas mileage.  Not doing too good with this new car purchase thingy.

Finally we checked out a 2014 Honda CR-V EX L and test drove it.  Actually, we test sat in it first since it is a small car.  After fooling around with the power seats I found a position that was acceptable and we started getting serious about the Honda.  We know a number of RVers who tow the Honda CR-V and everyone swears by them. Our Saturn has the Honda 6 cyl engine and tranny so we were familiar with Honda performance.  

We started out going to the Costco buyer's program to find a dealer who had a car we were interested in.  They gave us a pretty good deal and then we checked a local dealer who beat the Costco deal.  No brainer.  We picked up our Honda on Friday and brought it home to the cabin.  Now we have to get it titled in South Dakota and we will be good to go.

Kona Coffee color

 That is, after we have a baseplate installed on the car and also purchase a new tow bar that stows on the motorhome.  I got tired of carrying the heavy metal tow bar back and forth each time we stopped and had to back into a site.  It should it make easier for me not having to carry that heavy thing around all the time.

The Saturn has been an excellent tow car and we have driven it hard for 9 years and it has proven to be dependable and gave us great service.  If Saturn was still in business we would buy another one in a heartbeat, but alas, GM dropped the car from their line.  The Saturn has more usable space than the Honda and with the 6 cyl engine, has more power.  The Honda is a 4 cyl with an automatic tranny and seems to work harder on mountain grades.  We think it will meet our needs as a tow car and when we decide to cut back on fulltiming and settle down, it will make a great 2nd car.

We have been very busy the past week or so and really haven't had time to stop and relax and it will only be more so in the next week or two.  No rest for the weary.

One thing happened on the way home from the dealer on Friday that gave me a start.  When we bought our Saturn I had to make a sudden stop to avoid an injured deer in the road.  The two drivers behind me weren't paying attention and rear ended us in our 6 week old car.  Well, Friday I had a guy right on my rear bumper when a deer ran across the road in front of me. I hit the brakes and was trying to gauge if the deer would clear the car and if the nut behind me would be able to stop.  As it turned out all was fine and I continued along on my way.  If I had hit the deer and was rear ended again I don't know what I would have done. 

That was part of our day on Friday and I will fill in the blanks on other events later on.  Hope you all had a nice weekend and great weather.

I see where a hurricane may come up the Baja in Mexico in the next few days.  It looks like it could impact the SW and Arizona with more heavy rains.  Maybe the lakes out there will fill up and the drought will be broken.  We can only hope.   

Go Redskins.  Great win today. 


  1. Congrats on a great looking new car. And lots of congrats on escaping the deer and the idiot. I wish some of that rain would help out California. I think AZ has had quite a bit of rain already. So happy to see the Redskins win yesterday. Love it. Also the Cardinals.

  2. Congratulations on the new CR-V. We sure do like ours, although it's showing some wear and tear as a soon-to-be 9 yr. old.

  3. I noticed the new car hint in your previous post but was having .notebook issues. We got a new car a couple weeks ago. A Honda also. Another van. It just felt like driving an old friend. We've been busy, just not inspired enough to blog. Enjoy your new car