Saturday, September 20, 2014

Happy Birthday Cassie & Roadtrip


Friday we had a get together to help Cassie celebrate her birthday.   It was a day early, but Larry Jr, Jane and Grant were stopping over for the night and we had Cassie & family join us for dinner and then some s'mores.

Gerry prepared a huge batch of spaghetti, large enough to feed 20 people and we went through half of it.  I guess we will be having spaghetti on the menu for a couple days now.  It was delicious and we can't let it go to waste.

Green is Cassie's favorite color so we got her a birthday cake with green icing.  We all went outside to enjoy some s'mores and surprised Cassie with the cake. 

 Cassie, with her pumpkin coffee and waiting to cut the cake.

We didn't have enough candles to put on the cake and also there wasn't enough room for "ALL" those candles.  So we improvised and provided her with one candle to blow out.  Notice the "candle" on the right of the photo.

This is Larry Jr. lighting the "candle" for Cassie.  She managed to blow it out and now will have all her wishes come true.  

We all had a great time helping her celebrate her birthday and by the time the party broke up Grant, Sarahbelle & Elizabeth were worn out from making the s'mores and keeping the fire burning.  Jack had been up since 4:30am and he was snoozing on the lawn chair toward the end.  I would have been snoring by then, but he is a lot younger than I.

We sat outside around the campfire late and then all of a sudden a cold breeze came up and chilled us all.  It wasn't as cold as the previous week or so, but enough to drive us indoors before calling it a night.  

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