Tuesday, September 23, 2014

75 And Still Counting

Well, I made it to the 3/4 century mark today and celebrated my birthday in an unusual fashion.  First of all, I really am not that much into celebrating my birthday, but this one was different.  As they say, if I knew I would live this long I would have taken better care of myself.

The day started off very early with Gerry and my getting up early and hitting the road for a 1 1/2 hour drive to my doctor appointment.  The doctor's office was moved from one building to another about a block away and the new Suite # was 250, while the old # was 230.  Yep, I pulled into the wrong parking garage and made the trip up to the old office and then had to drive down to the new building.  Luckily it wasn't for a "memory" doctor.

The office visit went well and we were out of there fairly quickly after filling out all the paperwork.  I hate to have to fill out the somewhat identical forms for every doctor, but help is on the way.  This doctor also is using computers to keep the data and only changes will be needed to be filled out in the future.  

We decided to go to Panera Bread for lunch but the line was out the door and there wasn't a free table in the place.  No problem, just walked across the street to the Chipotle Mexican Grill.  It also had people lined up to the door but it looked like the line was moving quickly.  We soon had our tacos and burrito and were seated by the window enjoying our meal.  We were both amazed at the traffic coming into the parking lot as it was never ending and very busy.

We stopped by a few banking places to take care of some business and then decided to stop by the Montgomery County Liquor store for some wine.  WOW!!  The wine prices were very high compared to everyplace else around the area and we were shocked.  I needed to use the men's room and asked the ladies at the checkout where it was.  The reply was: "go next door and use the men's room at the restaurant".   What?  I thought all places of business had to have bathroom facilities, but I guess if you are a government store that doesn't apply.  I did not care for their attitude and walked back to Gerry and said let's get out of here and take our business elsewhere.

Next stop was  Costco to buy Gerry a new computer (on my birthday) since her old one had given up the ghost.  Since she knew what computer she wanted, we made it a quick stop and go there.  We did fill up the car with gas at $3.12/gal.  Cheapest gas around Frederick, MD 

Hey dude, I got a Dell!
Then we drove to the Ott House for dinner with Cassie, Jack, Elizabeth and Sarahbelle as our final stop for the day.  As usual Gerry and I had a nice meal, some cold Yuengling drafts and nice company.  By the time we finished our meals we were running on empty and headed back to the cabin.

I decided to get a head start on transferring all of Gerry's data from her old computer to the new one and wound up staying up until midnight.  Finally I had to call it a day and hit the hay.

Thanks to all who called me and wished me a happy birthday and those that sent TXT msgs, birthday cards and emails.  It is nice to be remembered.  That was how I spent my 75th birthday and the first full day of autumn.  (Autumn began at 10:29pm on 9/22)  How was your day?


  1. Happy Late Birthday Larry...75 and going strong!!

  2. Happy Birthday Larry. Jim beat you to 75 by a couple of weeks. Having a good doctor's appointment is a fantastic way to celebrate in my book.

  3. Sorry I missed your birthday but I'm glad you had a good day. I agree with Sandie, a good doctor's appointment is an excellent part of a good irthday. It gives you a great hope for another year.