Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It's A Girl

We welcomed a new addition to the family and it's a girl.  Yes, Sarahbelle  Alexus McClure arrived this morning at the Circuit Court in Hagerstown, MD.  Well, technically she was officially adopted by Cassie & Jack and we went to the court proceedings.  It was a surprisingly simple ceremony.  Once  the judge was seated it only took 5-10 minutes at the most.  Cassie, Jack, Sarahbelle and their lawyer sat where the prosecution lawyer would be sitting and Cassie & Jack answered a few questions and that was it.  Short & sweet. 

It was a "get us to court on time" type of day.  We left early enough but  then got stuck behind a school bus, along with about 20 other cars, on a 2 lane road.  Once we passed up that impasse, we got stuck behind a "Sunday driver" on Tuesday who was driving 35mph in a 50mph zone.  No way to pass with curves and hills along with 2 cars ahead of us.  Finally, we got around him and scooted along until we were stopped by a very slow moving train.  I dropped Gerry off at the courthouse and then had to find a parking spot. 

Once I got to the courthouse getting through security was a mess.  Had to take off my belt, wallet, keys, etc and be "wanded" down.  I guess I looked suspicious or something.  I hurried up to the third floor and was looking for courtroom 4 and saw a man waving and yelling at me.  "Grandpa, come down here and hurry."  Huh!  Well he was the bailiff and they held up the proceeding waiting for me.  Wow, I held up a Judge and wasn't held in contempt.  As soon as I entered the courtroom the baliff left and ushered in the judge.  

We took a lot of pictures in the courtroom after the ceremony and wished the judge happy 59th birthday.  It was a special day for him, also.

Cassie, Sarahbelle, Jack

Elizabeth, Cassie, Sarahbelle, Jack

The Jury

Gerry, Me, Cassie, Jack, Sarahbelle, John,Vicky & Eliabeth
 Jack's father, John, and his wife Vicky attended the ceremony and are in the picture above.  Darlene was too late to see the ceremony, but arrived just afterward and was able to be in the pictures.

We all hung around the courtroom for a while and then drove to Williamsport, MD for a party afterwards to celebrate the event.  Cassie had arranged to rent an ice cream shop that didn't open until later in the day and had bagels, blueberry muffins, fresh fruit, coffee and other goodies on a table.  We could also order off a breakfast menu and they brought it over from their cafe across the street.  Everything tasted great and we even had ice cream after the party.  Super idea on Cassie's part.

Desert Rose Cafe, Williamsport, MD

The Sweet Shoppe

 If you are in the Williamsport area I highly recommend the Cafe and Sweet Shoppe.  The young woman who owns the two establishments has decorated the Sweet Shoppe in the 1950s style and it looks great.

There were numerous photos taken at the ice cream store and I've included a few below.

Sarahbelle with camera gift

The old folks corner
When Sarahbelle opened her camera the first photo she took with it was a selfie.  I haven't seen it, but I convinced her to take a selfie with each of us sitting around the table.  In the case of the one with Sarahbelle and me, it was like "The Beauty and The Beast".  She will probably erase that one.  LOL

The party broke up a little after noon and we all went our separate ways.  Gerry and I came back to the cabin and tried to stay awake.  To make the day complete, we had to wait once again for a tree trimming company that had the road near the cabin blocked.  I stopped and tried to convince them to cut the Forest Road tree branches, but they said it wasn't their responsibility.  I did try.

Later in the day Gerry and I split some firewood with an awl and sledge hammer.  We wanted to stock up on firewood and clean up an area where the logs were stored.  At the rate we worked today it will take us until we leave to finish the job.  It was nice doing some manual labor once again.  Tiring, but nice.

That was our day, how was yours?    

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  1. Congrats to the whole family. A day of celebration and well planned. That is fantastic. Jim is still trying to recover from all the manual labor repairing hail damage. Take it easy.