Monday, September 8, 2014

Busy & long day & 1000th posting

We were up bright and early this morning getting ready for some driving.  First stop was to Cassie & Jack's and drop off their wedding anniversary card.  Neither one was home so we just dropped it off and continued along on our way.

Next stop was at a Honda car dealer to check out some of their stock and see what kind of deal we could come up with.  We used the Costco buyers program and think we can make a deal with them on a CR-V Honda SUV.  Few more details to work out and then we will go back and seriously try for a bargain with them.  Our old Saturn has 140K miles on it and is showing it's age very much.  Not sure we want to trust it for another year so it's time to part with it.

We have looked at GMC Terrains, Fords, Hondas and briefly at Jeep Cherokees.  Each has it good points, but there aren't many Terrains to choose from, the Cherokee is expensive and the Ford Escape isn't towable.  Process of elimination at work here.

Our plan was to have lunch with old friend John, but we ran out of time before my doctor appointment and we met him at a restaurant within walking distance of the doctor office.  I thought it would be a quick appointment so Gerry and John had lunch together and I went to my appointment.

I was right as the appointment lasted less than an hour and I was out of there by 2pm.  All went well with the visit and my PSA remains at .0, so that is a good thing.  This is my 10th anniversary of my operation for prostate cancer and it looks very good.  I remember the doctor told me I could avoid the operation but in 10 years I would wish I hadn't.  My how fast those years went by and things look good for me.

Then it was back to the restaurant and grab a sandwich and chat with John some more.  It was sort of a hurried lunch since we had to drive to Frederick MD and do some shopping at Costco before meeting son in law Henry later for dinner.  It was good to see John and hopefully we can get together later this month for a more leisurely lunch and chat some more.

A stop at the Montgomery County Liquor store resulted in us purchasing some 1.75L Canadian Club Whiskey for $14.49 a bottle, plus 9% tax.  It's a bargain for Henry since the same bottle in North Carolina costs over $24.00 at the ABC store there.  

It was a whirlwind shopping trip at Costco and we found everything we were looking for except for one item.  Costco has a bad habit of introducing you to a product and then dropping it from their inventory.  Frustrating to say the least.  We did have the lug nuts torqued while we were there as they recommended it when we had tires put on the car.  That took 5 minutes and the young man performing the service was very businesslike and polite.  It is nice to see that when you go in for service.  Gas was $3.17/gallon at the Costco service station so we filled the gas tank on the Saturn.

Another 25 mile drive segment took us to Emmittsburg, MD and the Ott House restaurant to meet Henry for dinner.  He was driving up from Charlotte, NC and will be in the area a day or so on business.  We lucked out and got the last table in the place since there was a number of large groups from the National Fire Academy celebrating something there.  The place was packed.

We had a nice visit with Henry and downed a few brews with him and bid him farewell a couple hours later.  He headed for his hotel in Gettysburg, PA and we went home via the post office in Smithsburg.

That is how we drove over 200 miles today and totally wore ourselves out.  Now we are going to hit the hay early and get a fresh start on Tuesday.  It is good sleeping weather with this mornings temp in the mid 50s as we got ready to hit the road.  I think it will be cooler tonight and we may have to put on another blanket.

This is my 1000th posting on the blog and I was hoping for an exciting event to happen or something really memorable, but you will have to settle for our routine day's outing.  Sorry!

I hope you all had a nice day like we did.  Goodnight.   


  1. Congratulations on your 1,000th posting. Love reading 'em & look forward to the next 1,000

  2. First I would have thought you would be well over 1,000 by now considering there are over 300 days in a year, second I can't believe meeting me for dinner wasn't a memorable event!! Are you mad because you had to buy my beer? Of course I am kidding and enjoyed seeing you...I love going to places like the Ott House! Off to NJ, Philly, Frederick, Richmond and then home!