Saturday, September 6, 2014

Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks

A few weeks ago our daughter Cassie asked me if I would go with her to look at a car that was going to be auctioned off in an estate sale.  My first thought was I would be standing around in the sun and humidity waiting for the car to be auctioned off.  Boy was I ever wrong on that score.

We've been to estate sales before where 100 people show up and it is a mob scene and difficult to check anything out in detail before the sale.  While I enjoyed these sales, they were time consuming especially if the item you were interested in was the last one on the auction block.  Then someone outbids you and the day was a bust.

I also went to auction houses with my father when I was young and was fascinated by the auctioneer and how fast they talked.  I've always been accused of talking really slowly and quietly so the auctioneer was my hero with his ability to speak so fast and get an item sold in a flash.  It was/is a true art to be a good auctioneer.

Cassie called me today and reminded me the viewing of the car and items was from 5-6pm today in Waynesboro.  The "viewing"!  What in the world was she talking about?  I soon found out.  All the items were laid out and you had an hour to see and check them out.  Or, you could go online and see each item, how much had been bid for it so far.  The auction was taking place online and you had to sign up for an id card, view the items and place your bid.  Credit card sales only.  No cash, check or money order.   

Well, we all jumped into our cars and went to look at the car and Gerry managed to sneak off and check out the jewelry included in the auction.  I thought I was getting of easy but now I am not so sure this isn't going to cost me money. 

I talked to one of the auction house workers and she said all auctions were online now.  No more standing in the sun, rain, snow, etc. to bid on the item of your interest.  I wonder how many people who don't have the internet and like to go to auctions even get a chance to bid now.  I guess if they don't have an internet connection, then they don't have enough money go buy the items.  Interesting concept.

It was an eye opener for me to see what some of the items were going for so far.  Of course, as the bidding time comes to a close, then the real bids will pour in at the last minute.  Anyone interested in a 27" Console tv that weighs 200 lbs?  They are out there for the picking.  VCR tapes, we've got them!  Guns, no problem they are out there, also.

Among Craigslist, Ebay, Amazon and Online auctions a person could spend all their money and never leave the house except to pick up the prize.  How did all this come about and I didn't even know about it?   Well, this old dog knows now.

Now that you know about the online auctions, please don't overbid me on must have items.  I've got my eye on a pickling crock and want to get it cheap.  The last one I bought cost $5 and now they are going for $30 and up.  I should have cornered the market when I had a chance.

I also found out where lost knives disappeared to and know where to look for them in the future.  Do you see your lost knife in this bunch below?

Other than a sub par dinner at a local buffet restaurant, that was our excitement for the day.  I hope you had a more exciting and interesting day. 

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  1. Very interesting...I have never been to one of these before but I have friends that go and love them. So you left us hanging on the car...was it worth it, did she get it?