Saturday, September 6, 2014


Well, it's Friday again and another week has gone by.  We haven't been doing a lot lately that is interesting enough to put in a blog, so that is why it's taken a week to prepare one.

The highlight of the week was buying a new set of tires for the Saturn and having the oil changed in the car.  I let it go way too long this time and it was almost a quart low.  Now it is running fine and purring right along.  

Lately, I have been playing with my Bushnell Game camera to see how it works.  It can take still shots or movies, depending on the settings.   I've taken a few movies but mostly still shots at night and during the daylight hours.  It is a color camera and does a fair job in sunlight and is a little grainy at night.  So far I have captured pictures of a cat that is setting off the outdoor floodlights that are on sensors.   Also a couple shots of neighbors going by in their trucks and cars, but no pictures of bears or deer so far.  I could do without the bear picture, but would like some of the deer or turkeys.

Turkeys in the Meadow

 It rained very hard a couple afternoons this past week and one night we had high winds go by just north of us.  We went out for a late night coffee run and the roads were closed due to downed trees and power lines.  A short 20 minute drive turned into an 1 hour + drive with all the detours.  It was worth it to get out and drive without all the day time traffic in the area. 

We've been working on thinning out some "stuff" from the cabin and taking it to the Salvation Army and throwing out some old things we don't need and nobody else would want.  I don't know how we accumulate so much stuff given we aren't here that long.  Gremlins must be coming in when we are gone and dropping off these old presents.

The roofer is scheduled to work on replacing the cabin roof next week once he finishes framing a house.  He can't get here soon enough for us since we have a leak in the roof over the bedroom.  So far it doesn't look too bad, but I haven't pulled off the wall yet.  I hope it hasn't rotted any of the framing in the walls.  

That has been our not so exciting week here around the cabin.  Quiet.  Too quiet for my taste.  We did manage to stop by the Ott House for dinner on Wednesday and got there ahead of the Trivia players.  I cashed in my winning prize from last time and that helped keep the bill reasonable.  We bought a Power Ball ticket at the restaurant and I checked it tonight.  We didn't have one single number on our ticket that matched the winning number.  Not even close.

We hope you all are having a great time wherever you are.  


  1. Some weeks are definitely quieter than others. Our wind is gone so we are heading for Sioux Falls today. I bought a Mega Millions and I have the same kind of luck you guys do. Not one number. Good luck with your roof. I think we repaired all our leaky stuff at the kid's house.

  2. beautiful picture. and great picture of the turkeys.