Monday, September 15, 2014

BBQ Marshmallows and a Fire

Cassie, Jack and the girls came up to the cabin on Sunday afternoon to visit with Erin.  2 guys and 6 dolls and the chatter was nonstop.  Cassie and Erin hadn't seen each other for a couple years and were catching up on what had been going on in their lives.  

Jack and I went out onto the porch and had an adult beverage to get away from all the chattering.  The quiet out there was wonderful.  

Gerry had prepared some country ribs in a crockpot and then we applied BBQ sauce and finished them up on the grill.  That was my contribution and through pure luck they turned out great.  The meat was tender and melted in your mouth.  In addition Gerry had prepared a hot apple/squash casserole and that really hit the spot also.  Sliced tomatoes and homemade french fries were added to the meal and everyone wound up eating too much.  Cassie & Jack brought some dessert for later in the night.

Gerry, Erin and I had collected some dry wood for a campfire and we fired it up early.  It was a cold afternoon and evening, so the fire felt good on these old bones.  What is a campfire without marshmallows so out they came.  Of course they were over a year old and a "little" hard but we convinced the girls they would heat up fine.  Surprisingly they did and the marshmallows disappeared very quickly.  

I had gone out and put my game camera in a tree near the campfire and didn't tell anyone.  I wanted to get some candid photos and wound up with over 350 photos and had to delete a number of them for various reasons but still have way too many to save.  Here are a few of the photos taken just before sundown.

We had to bid a fond farewell to the fire.  Finally everyone had their fill of marshmallows and some dessert and decided the warm cabin was more inviting.  We all piled into the cabin and continued on with the conversations.  Gerry prepared her special hot spiced apple cider and I had two coffee cups full and could have drank more.  I do love the stuff.  

We enjoyed the visit with the family and had a great time.  That was our day, how was yours?

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  1. I like your day a whole lot better than ours. Fog and driving - now isn't that exciting. But we're sure hoping to have some good family and friend times shortly.