Monday, February 17, 2014

Tucson Record Setting weather

There is a possibility that Tuesday will be the 4th record setting high temperature day in a row.  It has been clear, sunny and hot out here and we've had to turn the a/c on in the motorhome in the afternoon.  Wonderful!

Last week weather

Future forecast for Tucson

We took advantage of the nice weather to ride our bikes around the park and it wore me out.  Our site is lower than the rest of the park so there is a slight rise as we start out.  It seemed like I was pedaling up a mountainside.  I guess the old knee isn't as strong as I thought and now I will have to be riding more each day to keep improving. 

Last year at this time there was snow on the ground and it was cold and windy.  I had just returned home from my first knee operation a week or so before the snow.  It also snowed while I was in the hospital and it was interesting to see it falling from my room.  No, I don't miss the snow or the cold.

The Match Play Accenture golf tournament starts today and there are a number of well known golfers competing this year.  It takes place on the north side of Tucson.  Since we don't have any real interest in standing around waiting for someone to hit a golf ball, we don't plan to attend.  However, there are thousands of spectators who do think it is worthwhile, so they will have a good crowd.

It's been a quiet few days for us.  The park has hosted a few events, a Sweetheart dance, Sat. breakfast, Birthday and Anniversary cake and ice cream social and a Monday night movie.  We are getting ready for a road trip in the car this weekend, so spent the time completing projects rather than leave them for our return.   I have been downloading geocaches along the route and hope to pick up some caches on the trip.  

That has been our day, how was yours?


  1. We sure are glad we are back with hookups so we can run the air in the afternoon. But I would much rather have the heat than the snow. I don't want to watch somebody hit a golf ball around either but good luck to those who do. Have a great time on your road trip.

  2. Will your road trip be in a smaller 4 wheel vehicle? Travel safely either way and have a wonderful time! And, keep up the biking!! We can ride on a nice scenic mostly flat trail here!