Friday, February 7, 2014

Dick & Sue are on the way home

My brother Dick and friend Sue left to drive back to Illinois today.  We got up early and joined them in Green Valley for breakfast at Mama's Restaurant.  It was one of their favorite places to eat and we wanted to try it out before they left.  We enjoyed the meal there and the company.  They left around noon for the long 1500 mile drive back home.

It was great visiting with them and we saw a lot of touristy things and just hanging out with them.  It looks like they are planning on returning to the area next year if everything works out.  It sure does beat sitting in -10 degree weather with snow on the ground.  We hope to see them again this summer on one of our trips back there.

After they left we decided to check out some geocaches in Green Valley and managed to find 4 caches in a short order.  One cache had a travel bug in it and we picked it up and hope to take it to California when we visit there in a couple weeks.  A brother and his younger sister walked by when we were coming down the hillside from finding a cache and they looked at us as if we were crazy.  I explained we were geocachers and they both said they were cachers also.  We had a nice chat with them and they continued on with their walk.  

After that we came back to the motorhome and crashed.  Too many days of early to rise and late to get to bed finally caught up to us.  I noticed a small leak under the motorhome and traced it down to a hard place to gain access to the suspected cause of the leak.  Always something with motor homes, but this should be a minor repair.  We shall see if I am correct.

We had a great sunset today and also saw a beautiful flowering tree near the restaurant.  The day started off great and ended the same.

 It sure was a beautiful day out here in sunny Arizona.

How was your day?

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  1. Love days that start out great and end up that way also. And I am enjoying our weather so much. Happy would describe my day.