Friday, February 7, 2014

Gaslight Theater - Belle of Tombstone

My brother Dick and friend Sue came by today to visit for a while.  They are leaving for Illinois Friday morning and wanted to say goodbye.  I think they enjoyed the visit and maybe will be coming back next winter.  It would be great to see them out here next season if they and we come back.  

Ron K stopped by and discussed rifles and pistols with Dick.  Ron knows more about guns than anyone I know and is like an encyclopedia of knowledge.

Our neighbors had two extra tickets and invited us to attend the "Belle of Tombstone" play at the Gaslight Theater this evening.  We've been to the theater before and have enjoyed the plays, so we accepted the offer gladly.  We met them and another couple at Little Anthony's Diner, which is attached to the theater.  Gerry and I both enjoyed our meals and would dine there again if we get a chance.

Frank & Jan's daughter & husband also were there and as it turned out we were part of a group from the Tucson Medical Center.  They had bought the tickets months ago and there were about 25-30 people in total.  We met their daughter & sil and chatted with them for quite a while after the play.  They were a very personable couple and easy to talk to.  

The play was very funny and the actors did a great job.  One actor had a great singing voice and clearly was the star of the show.  Actually, all of them did really well and the time flew by quickly.  Even the three piece house orchestra was very good and the piano player was great.  It was a fun evening and we plan on attending a play later in the spring.

I managed to take a few pictures before the play started, but they didn't allow any during the performance.

RV neighbors Jan & Frank

Main stage at the theater

House orchestra

Sarah, our waitress

If you get a chance to take in one of their performances, I would highly recommend it.  

That was our exciting day, how was yours?  

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  1. That really sounds like a lot of fun. You keep adding things to my list for Tucson. I may have to spend more than a week down there.