Thursday, February 13, 2014

Guadalajara Cafe

One of our favorite watering holes in Tucson is the Guadalajara Cafe on Kolb Rd.  We like to get there early and take advantage of the Happy Hour specials on Margaritas and Cerveza (beer), plus the appetizers.  Ron & Dee C have been talking about going there and we decided Thursday night was the best time for all of us.

We had some company during the afternoon and got a later start than usual, but it worked out fine for us getting there a little after 5:00PM and still having an hour of Happy Hour left.  We took full advantage of that.

The girls went in and secured us a table out on the patio under a tree.  The marks you see on the top of the photo below are branches of the tree and leaves fell on our table all evening.  As they say, it just added to the charm of the area.  Notice the mirror on the right hand top of the picture.  It will appear later.

Gerry managed to get a nice picture of the outdoor lights behind us framed in the mirror mentioned in the paragraph above.  She framed it real nice and the photo turned out great.  See, I have told you in the past that she is a crafty lady and a good photographer.

We always enjoy the mariachi bands and they rotate different ones in each day.  This was a new group for us and the first one to have a female playing a fiddle.

They stopped by our table and asked if we wanted them to play a song for us.  We like one that says the guy can't go with her since his mama says he can't go.

Dee & Ron enjoying the music and the evening.

After the band left we finished our drinks and salsa and called it a night.  As usual, we had a great time there and already are planning when we can go again.

That was our day, how was yours?

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