Monday, February 24, 2014

Pacific Coast Highway

Everyone in the house went to work or school today and we decided to take a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway with no particular destination in mind.  First we had to mail a letter and then fill up the car with gas.  The local Costco was a bargain at $3.73 and it was near the post office, so we headed over that way.  This is what we found when we got to Costco.  The 8 lanes of gas pumps were 10-12 cars deep at each one.  Have you ever timed how long it takes people to fill up their gas tank?

Costco gas station
After our delay we headed for Laguna Beach and points south.  It was a nice drive along the coastal highway and there were several spots where the ocean was viewable from the road.  In many places out here housing development, businesses, motels, etc block your view.  Not so much along this section of the highway.

Surfing dudes waiting for the big one.

Skipping the small wave

A little close to the edge for us

Love those Palm trees.
We stopped for a late lunch at the Dana Point Marina and chose Harpoon Henry's.  We didn't know anything about the area or what was available but entered with anticipation of a tasty meal.  We were seated in a location that overlooked the harbor.  It turned out to be a perfect spot of lunch.

I had Maui Maui and Gerry picked her favorite Coconut Shrimp and we both enjoyed our meals.  We had been looking forward to some fresh seafood so the meal hit the spot for us.

We made it down to San Juan Capistrano and found the drive interesting and scenic.  It was less crowded and we avoided the Interstates so we could enjoy the scenery.  Finally we had to turn around and head back north toward Irvine.  It was a great day and quite a change of scenery from what we are used to in Tucson.

One of my favorite flowers is the Bird of Paradise and Erin & Herbert have a number of plants of them.  What do you think, is
this beautiful or not?  We had these flowers in Abidjan, Ivory Coast and also San Jose, Costa Rica when we lived in each place. We enjoyed placing some in the house and appreciated their beauty.

We got back to Erin and Herbert's house and visited a while, had a late dinner and finally went to bed early for us.  We had to get up early the next morning and start it all over.

That was our day, how was yours?

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